Day 12: Evidance / Feedback / Consequences

Today was our last education day at school so this was the day of the "farewell day" from/for the seniors.

I have started this course about 2 years ago in september 2010 from the starting point of learning something useful that can support others and can be done in a way that is best for all and is required for everyone for a sustainable and moderately comfortable life. carpenter or woodworker or furniture-maker these are all the same. when i started i was already reshearching the Desteni material and in the process of doing self investigation and starting to stand up and take responsibility for myself and what i have done/become/caused.
as i was listening on the ceremony which has usually had pre-written-speaking-shit-about-nothing-having-literature-quotes-and-being-too-long speeches thereafter followed the giving of "prizes" where the school thanks and gives off books and gives awards.
throught my days of participation i have discovered many things about learning, the school system, the basic roots of these and really a lot about myself, yet also i have learned about woodworking too and i not just learned to gather and keep the informations but instead walk the process of being one and equal within and as the information and methods ect. therefore expanding myself within and as carpentry. and this actually works...i've pushed through a lot of point where resistance came up like uselessness, idiocracy, hate, judgements about the topics, shearching for motive ect. and so i slowly but surely became the knowladge by taking the responsibility it comes with. also by dedication i have not ever missed out any class nor practise, even held a workshop for a year, learning furniture styles (because we didn't got a proper education on it in the first year and there were no official teaching in the second one) so yes definately developed myself in the area of self discipline and dedication.
so today this actually got "manifested" and agreed upon by the administration of the school by this award of having an outstanding performance in grades/learning and showing exemplary attitude/behaviour/demanour(we stuff this into one word).
an interesting thing is: noone in any of the schools (or system) has shown me or taught me or stood as an example on how to achieve/live what i written above.
so our system is actually demanding/requiring from the students what it does not show/teach/examplifies...WTF?!! some even defend this system by saying "hey it is this way to allow the real critical thinking childs to actually go against what they are being teached and do what is required from them. which is never ever true.
we as childs are not shown how to be self-responsible, be self-disciplined, and not give a fuck about motivation but do things for what is best for all. these three and learning how to become one and equal with knowladge and information is the main points of finishing any education whatsoever may it be elementary or self-learning. without these "traits" noone lears anything except for PASSIVE information that one will surely on the long run forget about.
this is not about me achieving something, i just stood and still stand for what i started, it's not about schools or the education system, because it is based on what this post is really about.
it is about us, each and every single one of us and our acceptances and allowances and participation. we, one by one accpet allwo and participate within and as the systems and point to be like it is today. even we believe that there is no other way to do it. and we know it, so we hide it from ourselves and when discovering it for mere moments we go on and blame someone/thing else.
the next 1.5 month will be about going to exams and prooving that i am capable of being a furniture-maker both on paper and in real life(by hand) i am short of time to make my masterpiece, have to review my notes yet i am not stopping my dayly writings and learning of the DIP material-no excuses...it's not that difficult task.
i stood for 2 years...and i stand for ethernity. for life as all as one and equal within and as everyone and everything. "Nothing happens without your self-directed or unawarely directed participation. i choose Life as self-direction."
also after the even i realized myself how i had the habit of feeling good/bad about accomplishments and awards so did self-forgiveness for an hour of trip back home aloud...also saw others expressing unease because they didn't want to openly show their interest yet do giving a shit about what happens around them->funny lookaway from them and then they got a SF sentance about this point...while i constanlty smile and laugh at myself that i used to do the same thing.