Day 19: Advertisement

investigating this point of advertising to see all what is around/created within and as myself.

first let's see the wiki definition of the word/activity:
Advertising is a form of communication used to encourage or persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners. Sometimes a specific group of people.) to continue or take some new action.
whoa there. this fits pretty much ~75%(empirical) of people's communication.


From Middle French advertissement (statement calling attention), compare French avertissement (warning). See advertise.
to simplify: talking/communicationg about something from the starting point of wanting to get to "move" another into action.
there are two types of ads. as i experienced it: one is where you are directly shown/told/written what to do. I labelled these "open ads" so within these it is directly communicated towards you that "buy this" or "please consider this" or "you may want to check this out".
the 'problem' arises that there are many marketers who were trained that the mind reacts to certain information being handled to the individual so by using this knowledge the advertiser tries to 'force' the audience into doing the action by ordering it to be done, and adding time tags or else for example: "buy this now!" this is a clear order. and many humans on first occasion often just hovers over it, yet they cannot 'defend' themselves from creating an action on the long terms so if you see it 100000 times you probably gonna buy SOMETHING, maybe not the product on the ads but something.
the neater form is the asking for the action, and that is really okay to ask someone through a mass media (TV, INTERNET, video material ect.) to do something and then the receiver can decide for their own and you only encourage the decision making to either view it or not. or act or not.
the more vauge is the hint or refer kind where the creator tryes to manipulate by the social-accepted standards like "you may want to see this" or "so many had laughed on it you should check it out too" so here kinda backfire and try to apply slight force of community to endorse the action.
what's the other one? i just label it as 'HIDDEN' ads.
these are the ones more viral on the internet and also originates from it.
when there's no space to write the advert text you just basically show the item or goal of it and a link to more info on that topic.
and this is nasty because it hopes to trap the want/desire part of the mind that if you see something then it fires up your mind and you will click it. the first layer of hidden advert is to click on the picture/link, the second layer is to buy it which is displayed as more advertisement of the first kind.
so today we just go about our browsing or FB-ing or YT-ing or whatever and mostly see these hidden advertisements because they take small space and one site-admin can put tons of them on one page...and with todays Google's perfect matching machine poof you get a product/service you've been shearching or mentioning while browsing and it will show up many many times because the system thinks it's your preferred area of information.
this is not every time bad but advertisement in general has one major issue. it disrupts you. noone goes to sites to get advertisement only! we go to sites to gather information and do our duties. and ads are disturbing both these activities...or let's say TV, you gain info from TV or entertainment and ads. disrupt you, whacking out you from sync and so you get immediately focused like when you would had an ALMOST ACCIDENT OF PHYSICAL INJURY. and advertisers do this on purpose.
but it is simple, this is exactly like i would go behind your back during the day and when you are really into something i would jump in front of you with loud noise and pictures and tell you what to do or what to listen to...emmm yes it is good for one thing and one ONLY, to test if you are here aware or in your mind. period.
if one is here breathing, aware then no "shock" or any reaction in your body will happen and you will be stable remaining here and choosing to either give or not opportunity for it to advertise something.
or if you're not here you will get a "shock like" experiance and elevated heart-rate ect. and so you will record the moments with more attention.
and this is why inittally the TV's had to create their 5 seconds of "advertisement coming" because it's purpose is to ease the transition and not kill the listeners but still allow a minor shock to happen.
and this is actually insane and inhumane to do, yet it only adds up to the list of humanities greatest obvius bullshit's that i will be discussing later on point by point. and so this too shows that we make ourselves uncomfortable and reduce our chance of survival and well-being with ads, and shocking and programming the audience.
adverts back before the information-age were useful because they were only used in SERIOUS POSSIBILITY OF HARM like an attack on a village (temple bells-again, common today) or 'criminal wanted messegases' so the major population would know that they HAVE TO take action in order to stay alive and keep their living conditions.

advert here -->>
in an equal money system we will establish the limits and forms and types of advertising that can be created/displayed so we can return to the normal/useful use of advertising instead of in spite harming ourselves. so please consider the equal money system and find out that it is the only solution which benefits all being equally (link in the sidebar)
<<-- end of advert

but i do not walk here with only pointing fingers to others..."i am one of 'em".
i do have advertised (proof above) many things even uncosciously too but that is soon to be over. i walk myself and correct myself step-by step to stop the endless spamming and accepting of such a harmful application of a system.
because i am also responsible that we use advertisements as i described above, i am part of it and i am standing here as the part of the solution as one and equal.