Day 27: Being Part of a System

everywhere we look, anywhere we shearch, all we can see is systems, inside systems, inside systems...

there is no real problem with this...as long as balance "rules" the systems and all systems and all parts of them are in balance of everything else "in existance".

as i've stated above: i am a system as a whole and a part of another system. but these two are in fact one and equal.

our great "problems" come from that we are not keeping or working towards this "natural" state of balance within systems but try to either take-apart some systems and repair/create other systems with the pieces of another one and we do this in massive separation where we fail to realise the oneness and equality of existance and how we are function and what we are in "existance" as a whole.

i a system of atoms/cells/organisms that make up my body. and also part of the mind consciousness system too which i still accept and allow to exist within and as myself and exist as a manifestation of it and mostly have given away my "creational" power to it based on what i accepted and allowed myself and therefore i abuse(d) myself and kind of "took apart" my system as the body and integrated (or let it do it) as another system and it's all getting complicated to write down and discuss yet the solution is the simples thing to do.

why do i need a solution? yes, i do not "need" a solution, what i am doing is "become" the solution and apply it within and as myself therefore re-establishing the balance that has been long forgotten/evaded/kept away.

and just as with the case of fixing machines i use tools for this job...self-forgiveness, self-honesty, common-sense, self-corrective statements, writing, mapping out myself ect.

when i see the real "measures" around me, not in terms of scales but the measures and amount of systems and parts and complexity of simplicity, it is not at all "new" meaning i cannot see something that "was" not myself, meaning every part or system i encounter only shos myself, like if i would see only mirrors in the whole fuckin world!
but this action of seeing myself everywhere is me supporting myself in the process of regaining balance within and as myself. to stop separation, stop abuse, stop limitations, stop being a beingless robot of energyslave and become what i already am:life as it is in balance in totality of existance HERE.