day 38: Cultural Convention

I am as all humans live in a group called "society" and as all groups there must be points where all members agree on to be able to form a convention or an agreement.

altough during the evolution of the mind many and many conventions got into placement by the ruling minority, which got "passed-down" to lowerclass humans and them slowly taking them on as their own ones so it incorporated into our "modern" day-to-day living without even a slight consideration of if it is best for all or not. actually this process has been so effective that nowadays "middle-class" people (the ones that can eat and live somwhere but still struggleing with living) are even speak up and defend such conventions without seeing and investigating and understanding that it is also against them in the meaning of common sense and not doing what is harmful or completely unnecessarry.

and i got this point literally into my FACE directly.

so today was the day of my final exams where the students are vocally express and proove that they are "worthy" for the paper that grants them more work opportunities and prooves that they learned the material and were able to hold and give back the information and knowledge handed to them.

the conflict arisen from my decision that i will not abuse anything or anyone with my clothing nor will i ever cause my body discomfort and pain in order to please others(do mindjob and mindorgasm for others) so as usual i took the necessary clothes on me based on weather and took off. this was a t shirt and a jeans because it rain when i left.

now the "unwritten law of social conventions" says "one must wear formal clothing in the form of suit, and therefore express his/her respect to/towards the others he/she are meeting with"

i have looked at this point before and found out that this point is actually not only causing humans to not consider their bodies but actually assist in others participating in being entertained and boosting one's ego when encountering others in formal dressing at certain times/events.

so the first thing i got is reactions from my teacher's and classhead "you have come in THIS for exam???" "why are you not wearing formal suit???"

so at first started to explain them that to sum it up i am not following blindly a social convencion which only causes abuse and pain and i can further discuss it if they require. altough i had to see/realise that they are only saying this to trigger a reaction of shame within me in order to "herd me back on track". and the second time my teacher was adressing this after making a great recitation that "why do i not concern the others and why do i no show any respect to them, because they are doing it to show respect and they will and already judgeing me based on that i am not in formal suit." i started again to expand and make it clear what is the starting point of my decision yet she failed to understand and accept it based on that "you cannot do this in life! like on a job-interview you WILL BE JUDGED and so you will not get the work because you have not shown you respect with putting a suit on" and later after my question that what she thinks of humans doing this were only "because it has always been this and there are agreed rules of society and you cannot break these because you must live in a society you cannot live on your own" at this point i saw clearly that no matter what or how i communicate to her and the examsupervisor next to her (silently partook in this conversation) she are refusing to see this point in common sense and only sees the point from the perspective she has been living for her entire life. so i let her to finish and share her oppinions and then i moved on. took another exam in the opposite side of the room completed that too with the same score...

then when the supervisors have had all the final results for all of our exams we(students, teachers, supervisors) all gathered into the room to hear the results. and before doing so the main supervisor (he made the speech and the sharing of the results later) adressed me, directly that it is nonsense and that i must do it and regardless of my performance! he if sawn me in the morning "would kick you out and not let you take your exam untill you come in REALLY FORMAL and i mean totally dressed up from head to toe, so you are lucky that i didn't see you in the morning" and so on and so forth. of course THIS IS ONLY AN OPPINION! it was again about not showing respect and that he shows my respect to me by dressing up ect.

i breathed, looked directly into his eyes nerly not even blinking and listened to him, and it's really obvius that the oint of i am completely listening to their OPPINIONS and lecturing and not correcting or forcing them or stopping to debate IS my part of the RESPECT i am expresing they do not realise it at all-based on the belief and idea that a student is always inferior to a teacher/supervisor and even to the whole community.

so yes we as humanity have gone a long way of accepting and allowing ourselves and even DEFENDING points which are abusive and fail to even question or investigate the points even if the opportunity arise.
and this is plain proof why the world is in such a mess-humanity without questioning accepts and allowed a TON of abuse every breath to exist and manifest here.

not for my defense but writing the common sense: i have started this school from the starting point of learning the ways to create objects from wood in order to be able to provide and contribute and do what is best for all - i have prooven to have acquired the skills and information & knowledge regarding the course, finished the course with an "A" grade. i have not walked with this scool for social conventions, nor to be programmed into how to do stuff and how to become accepted and grinded into and as the system of abuse. and i am able to stand this statement that i am not accepting and allowing abuse regarding this point, therefore at any event i have not given into these social conventions of ignorance and abuse but stood as an example that one can be effective and still walk through the process of learning without any of these. so it is clear that these unnecessary and abusive actions are NOT IN ANY WAY NEEDED OR SHOULD BE IN SCHOOLS. to explain it short:we just fuck up the kids wiht it for their entire life! or at least till they take their power back and change themselves as i amd many others do.

i stand as this decision of myself and if one wants to discriminate me based on this, the only one who's "loosing" (meaning missing an opportunity of self-realisation) is them.

social agreements are here in order to establish a system between the participants, that is best for all of them and support them in order to reach a goal (or support indefinately). any rule not meeting this criterie must be investigated and if abusive then stopped or redefined in order to establsih what is best for all life.