today is a not ordinary day because i'm here writing to paper for the first time...then typing it on comp later when i get home.
so a lot of things i've been through today, which involves heavy physical work, reasoning, problem-solving, tedious task and so on and so forth.

when i see the asks for job opportunities the companies always write there "fast, agile and enduring and precise workforce needed", i had to find out through the physical that what they actually mean by that is a robot-no talking no questioning and doing the same thing the same-best way-it can do for all the minutes (or more) that's bee hired for. but when we get to the actual working itself things never go as on paper. (computer nowadays)
and when i do something that i best for all because i am "fulfilling" a basic need of a being aka. taking care of somebody or creating something that gives the opportunity for the being to take care of itself is okay with me. i can do it all day long. in my case i am making furniture (kitchen-livingroom-bedroom-bathroom ect.) and goint to houses to equip them in order for one to use them. and this is nothing more or less than suplying the tools for humans to sustain themselves and be able to exist in this physical reality in comfort.
altough the problem is that humans are not being taught therefore do not understand at all how much and what effort it takes to create such things. so one that is not trained in the field of expertise cannot possibly think of the actual work put into it. i'm not blaming anyone to be clear it is how the system works and this is only a byproduct of it. so all the bosses and the customers want the one thing: to be done perfectly as soon as possible how they wanted it. and that's it. not considering the 5 workers doing it for 2days and 14hours/day. and that is only at the scene not even counting the work done in the workshop.
we are,-the real suppliers (not the companies but the workers inside) beings, humans having our own mindfucks, problems, diseaseses, family ect. yes one can be a perfect worker but then at the end of the day it will did nothing else than eat,sleep,work...and again.
what i see on myself after clearing the "wanting to be part of a group" points which i obviusly had to direct here as it came up again and again yet i succesfully directed myself, that i do speak also from the starting point of two other things.
one is from sharing myself, the other is pointing out what is common sense to me based on my preception that the other is showing me that he/she neglects the common sense of what is here and only see/realises it after being mentioned.
sharing myself in awareness is cool beacuse when i actually not allow myself to "not hear myself" i bring up points which i would not realize but sounding itself i realise "WTF i just said???"
the pointing out the common sense goes back to my egoist past experiances and habits where i did that for too much and prech others from the point of ego and to show them.
so worked on those point within and as self-forgiveness, didn't write them down but it opened quite some aspects of me and how i relate myself to speaking, sharing, expression, and judgement, comparison, ego and superiority/inferiority.