Day 43: The Illusion of scale

The more and more we reshearch what is here the more and more anomalies we find to the ultimate "truth" that everything is in fact one and equal as all.

"even the smalles parts contain the whole universe in it's totality"

when i look at the world within how i used to see it, i see tons and tons of judgements, separation, categorization, iconisation and many other stuff that when looking at them in shelf honesty none of them are here, they are non-existant in the physical.
within our limited preception of the world we tend to draw even more limited perpectives from the world and try to describe and compare based on our experiances to the world(in separation!)

when i was a kid in kindergarten we were shown a couple of objects and asked to make DISTINCTIONS between them, like the one on the right is TALLER than the other on the left...learning to identify beings(objects are beings too read on to see) is a must for every human and this is clear. because till we achive total oneness and equality we must work within and as the physical and all the beings HERE. altough developing the ability AND HABIT to judge beings and seperate them from us and from every other thing is really a hit in the head...we don't need it.

because let's face it: we are not the only ones existing HERE. here are trillions and quadrillions of beings in every moment (sense of time :D)with us and almost all of them we do not consider or experiance as actual beings.

but we must realise:the world is more "alive" then what we are shown by our mind via seeing.

even science got hold of the sort-of law that the more space is pulled out the slower time goes by, and the smaller the same amount of "space" is contracted the faster time goes by...now space is not just what is between astronomical things like sun and planets and stuff...actually even the atoms are mostly built up from "empty" space itself.

but even a child is asking this question:"how is it that the sun can live form millions of years before "dying" but a simple bug can only live for one short day?" and this is really a common sense question. so long we prooved that animals and humans have a part in their body which dictates the rithm the body takes while working...and in some circumstances this rate changes therefore allow the same being to exist in a differently paced timeframe. the faster this base-beat goes the more slower the being experiance itself in time. compared to the normal state.

you ever wondered why do smaller than human animals have better reflexes than us? or why a large ship take a long time to turn around even in starspace(meaning between celestial objects)? it is easy if looked in common sense. the smaller something is the more slower it experiances/lives in-time and also the bigger something is by the same amount it experiances time to be faster.

and this explains many things:if we go down to a really small level where atoms experiance themselves-they are extremely small=extremely fast (we can't even track electrons of their movement we can only predict the probability where we find them) and the really big things like a star or a galaxy are really slow(compared to us). but is it so? in fact the rate of scale to time is ALWAYS THE SAME. so why do we experiance materials such as iron or wood to be inanimate and handle them only as ITEMS and NON-LIVING THINGS? because they are "living" so fast compared to us that we experiance them as still objects. yet from their point of view we are the ones that are stcuk and slow. and when we take a look at from the galactic perpective if we take the Sun's lifespan to be 100years from birth to death we as humanity are just a mere moment to it.

we always tend to compare and judge things from OUR perpective based on our EGO and belief that beings are only what we experiance as moving-thinking-reacting things. when we do not even take a moment to realise EVERYTHING DOES IT in different time-frames. metals and gases also react-we say they cannot move by themselves-well ever asked the question why the hell they would WANT TO MOVE AWAY FROM WHERE THEY ARE? and moreover even stars and planets and blackholes and dustclouds have a uniqueness and details that cannot be discarded as something living. yes everything we ever encountered is in fact a living being full of awareness to and as itself and existance...yet we as humanity dare to say they are "dead""inanimate""only items"

only a couple of fantasy films and books went so far to impersonate some items or things but mostly only giving and applying human personalities to them.

so what is our sense of scale if we realise everything has the same rate of living compared to itself as existance? well looks like no such thing exist as scale/bigger/smaller. everything is equal and one and the smallest being fits into the largest being and even the largest being can fit into a single atom. amazing at first glance but it's more like an illusion. we accept how we experiance the world and so work from that built up this belief abuve explained. when we are totally wrong at all times. we just compare and divide, and seperate and judge everything including ourselves and therefore create massive friction within and as us within and as the world as all of existance and thus "waste"/abuse our body while doing so, because to create friction one needs to divert energy into it, and that comes from the physical itself.

and thus this must stop, each being has to walk their jorney within and as self-honesty self-forgiveness, self-corrective application to release oneself and the world from these limitations. so come and join with us and walk this journey to life where all beings will be considered equal and all.