Day 48: I am an Attention Robot

as i look around and within myself i see these clear moments when i see how one is totally addicted to attention and placing attention on things...

but where does this whole point of attention comes from at all?

fear---to be precise fear of death. how come another thing is just linked to fear of death again??? it's really simple if i look at it in common sense. i roll it backwards to be clear. i place my attention on what gives me the most information with my eyes, therefore i CAN and AM process information which i "save" in my mind as pictures and memories therefore i have something to fdrive the mind...also placing attention on dangerous physical occurrances-existing in the future with projecting and supposing what will happen and thus fear of injury-harm-pain-feard of death...also the fear of not being able to process/have information and knowladge is also equals to non-existance for the mind so again fear of mind-death...double trouble for one big abuse...

it is really interesting that his point has been within and as mankind since the very beginning. even if we just look at the historical stuff (of course there a way more before that) we can assume how the pre-human have lived...it was a harsh battle for life, every moment everyone had to be vigilant and aware of one's enviroment or he/she got eaten or injured or fail at hunting, or mating...

so we had to be aware of our enviroment...so we placed attention to the key elements of detecting danger from a distance where we can still react to it, either evade or attack, but live to see another moment. of course we had to "rely" on our senses mostly these are smell, hear, and see. we did know the smell of mostly any being we have encountered before-and could smell for example the hunting animals and get a chance to flee from far...also the next thing is we had to hear things that warn us of dangerous things, like again the hunter animals or to find a prey, or thunder...and the last one is visible attention...we had to see movement around us and not only tht but also had to memorize-familirize and know when it's a normal action like the wind blowing the grass on the field or if it's a panther lurking...so especially movement and fast sudden changes in visible enviroment.

without one two or all of these we could not keep ourselves safe and therefore died.

and it is common sense that every human have to learn to be AWARE of such things and be able to identify what is going on around itself. altough as we (d)evolved we started to use these basic things to abuse humanity as a whole more and more and more.

just look at these and realise how: non-matching smell in an enviroment |non-matching noise or loud sound in a normal calm enviroment | sudden clearly visible movement(mostly fast)not directly connected to the enviroment one's in...we have these EVERYWHERE!

it's kinda like going against ourselves. to bring up some examples if it's still not clear, parfume and desodors, music, video-materials, see what i mean?

so how did we end up here, abusers of humanity? obviusly we wanted to survive and thrive and from the sumerian period we made a system which abuse all---the money-system(s)--- every money system currently and previously on earth is based on abuse and competition. so if i want to survive i have to make my product/service get attention. how do i do that? i drive the fundamental points of a human into such a way that it manipulates the target of making a deal with me...i make odd smelling things and say that they are the best smell ever, and when they get it they will go to heaven and can attract plenty of other humans from the opposite sex...or create noise that will bring up human's attention and they will lsiten and try to comprehend it and so...i place a moving picture in front of a human's eye and it will 100% sure that it will concentrate on it and what is show there they comprehend it as actually real as just anything else.

i guessed that along the way, in these 5-6THOUSAND years humanity just got used to such things...reality is, we just got used to having them and got used to driving our attention towards them...shortening reaction times, downing the "wow" factor, making humans comfortable and casual to react in such a way to drive their attention towards these points. and i've seen noone who asked:"why do i keep on giving all my attention away to such things?" the obvius answer is why noone questions this is BECAUSE OUR ATTENTION IS ELSWHERE RIGHT NOW! and the mind has taken advantage of these attention-drivers and now it is able to anytime "play" a memory-short-film or a music or making one believe they smell something. just to get the energy.

we became so much "embedded" in and as the system that we no longer see it as a system...we just keep on thinking and thinking on and on...and not really aware of what we actually listen to/focus our attention. and this created the perfect customer/accepter-robot.

the solution is fairly simple and straightforward:don't accept yourself to not be aware of where and what you are listening/giving attention to. this can be accomplished by being aware of one's enviroment and inner workings basically REALITY. so solution is breath, self-forgiveness,self-honesty,and breath and walking committments.

and this point is directly linked to entertainment too but i am not discussing that here.

redefining "attention":

personal experiances:i only liven this word as something that means mark of harm like a fire alarm or a siren of warning for ambulance or such. also attention in the meaning of i give attention to someone i am establsihing/in a relatioship of some sort and thus listen and accept what the being has to express/communicate.

dictionary definition:

    Attention is the cognitive process of selectively concentrating on one aspect of the environment while ignoring other things. Attention has also been referred to as the allocation of processing resources.[1]

    also note:Everyone knows what attention is. It is the taking possession by the mind, in clear and vivid form, of one out of what seem several simultaneously possible objects or trains of thought...

sounding the word:

a tension,a tenth shrink on(awareness),attend Sion(biblical mountain of god),Alone ToTally, keEN Survival Immediate actiON

creative defining:

an action to place one's focus on something, focusing awareness,excluding parts of reality, wanting from others to get heard/seen

Final definition:

An act or action of placing one's awareness on a specific point while excluding all other points of reality and only existing as the point of attention/focus.
(when used as a singular-word sentence it means the being calling attention is asking this from others to place themselves as the being and what it expresses.)