Day 51: Meetings

we meet with at least one being per day, and it becomes so automatic that we even fail to see and realise all the beings we encounter during our days...

i as humanity generally agrees on the point that "beings" are only humans-animals and aliens :) anything else that doesn't fit this category it is not a being-but is that true?

what i had realise through the portal interviews and by considering all things as one and equal, than every thing you can experiance is a being...your chair your cup, the table everything even planet earth and materials even all you cells individually is a unique being...ect.

so now it is really one meets beings all the time-for the least you meet air molecules in every breath is a new one...

i when being a kid i was told that i have to be nice with others when they come and meet me and that i should be polite with them ect. so this whole meeting developed a habit of having "special time with an other human being".

and thus every meeting became a highlighted memory and so i always pushed myself to remember my meetings and conversations with everyone...this made me push myself to remember most things because i mostly conversed my ideas and preceptions ect. with others

today i met a small girl, 6years old, but already greatly abused by parents being selfish about who will "posess" the children and they have been divorcing for 3 years...obviusly noone takes her into consideration, anyway upon meeting her she was shy to com in here and to welcome each other...and upon finally doing so-she just told her name as a robot(childprogramming!) and left.

and while watching her do this i actually saw myself in her. i was shy to meet people based on how it will end and thus i also behaved as a robot of living out traditions and habits that has been bestowed on me like handshaking and nametelling and behaving respectfully.

and these patterns just became aoutomatic when greeting people. supressing my self-expression of myself and just acting out my programming...

redefined "meeting":

the moment of/and realisation that the being one is encountering is in fact itself in all ways and allowing itself the opportunity to stop the separation between the two parts of self.