Day 8: Learning-Walking Process


i reached a point in my process where i started to accelerate my process through the participation within and as other's processes especially talking about self-forgiveness here.

while walking my own points during the day i do encounter myself getting into things that create a red flag and allowes me to take it back to self and do self-forgiveness and walk the point out in it's totality.

altough while reading the material of the DIP course and the blogs/vlogs of others i realized that actually-because i am not in any way seperate from both the authors whos walking nor the point being described/self-forgiven-while reading out loud the self-forgivenesses and corrective statements i not become but in that moment realize that i am the point itself...and it is within and as me...it's like "you only see the value of something when it's gone" and so i only see how much effect the point had to me, or how i defined myself according to it, how much limitation i allowed and accepted and created within and a me when i 'release' the point and commit myself to walk the process of actual change.

and by also doing all the forgivenesses aloud for within and as myself which i encounter it is a great deal of points done in a day or a great aspects-connections-of a point which i may not be able to see through my first investigation of the point.

it is really ultimate support of self-s and so by every participant equally doing it we all accelerate each other's process...yes we do have to walk the points in time but this way eventually we do not allow ourselves to fall back to the point of "i cannot see everything at once" which may be in fact true for the moment but with taking the self-responsibility of going after the point and investigating both yourself and other's process there is no doubt that one finds all the connections and aspect within and as itself.

i have to mention that of course this take hours and hours of participation...and actually i enjoy doing this even if it means it takes up the time from the day...even i could do this all day long yet then there would be no physical walking of the points nevertheless i would not "accomplish" anything else. so that is not the way to do it. i must allow time for myself to walk myself as the change be the change itself within and as standing up for what is best for all.

so creating a routine is assistive for me at this point, also recording my activities and how long it took is also a cool feedback of how much of what i did while walking and sumarising my life so to speak in the form of where did i place my priorities, and supporting me to see understand and realize my day-to-day participations and point out where i need changeing.

also it is assisting to write blog and at the same time learn about what is inside me and how to write it out...going through a accumulative building up of the structure of how to deal with points.