Day 77: Directing

realise: the chair is empty...where are you?
I noticed an interesting pattern which i investigate here regarding directing...art...or really anything we make.

Throught my life this far i've been watching plenty of films, played a lot of games, saw a lot of theater acts, seen plenty of pictures and creations what we call ART...and one thing and one thing only is certain and the same in all of them...these products, because that is what we make from them eventually, are all been directed by one or more beings...

and as we know it every creation bears it's creator-meaning that when one is creating something it is inevitable that the creator's "image" is inside the creation, and thus detectable, recognisable who made it and from what starting point.

and the latter is more important, because we are creators constantly and continuosly creating all kinds of various things and here i am no longer JUST talk about physical items like art pieces but also whatever is around us. everywhere you look around it reflects it's creator and starting point. even our systems such as moneysystem,socialsystem,educationsystem,culturalsystems...everything clearly shows what starting point they were made from/of.

so in a narrow section here let's look at films/videos. from the moment we "discovered" photographing, humanity started to expand in their want and desire to "capture the memory" of a certain event, it is clear that this is based on fear and that we want to stay the same forever in the state of happiness and well-fare where we can be fearless and worryless about our past/present/future and can just exist in "peace" "harmony" and "balance" and so those pictures the technology made possible to make a mark of what WAS here and so we can kepp it forever...altough it was not the first time we did this...in the ancient days we painted figures of animals onto the side of our caves, carved pictures into stone, written stories in clay and stone and papyrus, build structures which would withstand time and the forces of earth...just to be remembered and capture the moment...which is impossible and insane because one cannot put it into physical form the ENTIRETY of a moment, can have many parts of it but not all...yet what we forgotten is that we are every moment we've been...it is what and who we are...in our entirety...even ingraved into our physical mostly...and this is what we can't see from our looking...because it is in front of our eyes...we just don't look at it, but over it.

yet back to the original topic that these creations and trying to capture a moment or a thought or an image in our minds are only showing to us what we are and accept and allow ourselves to be.
many humans - so did I - believe that what we see/experiance is reality...and here i am writing about created images and films, actually our brain cannot tell the difference between "i'm doing this stuff" and "i see someone doing this stuff" in our brain it gives the same "reactions" meaning the brain itself responds to the two situation the same...it does not matter if i see someone walking or i am walking i "feel the same"...so putting this together aaaaand kaboom, the basics of education!

"monkey see, monkey do" as the phrase goes (which is actually false because series of tests prooved that monkeys do use common sense and figure out the best option, while the human child only repeats the taught process) so literally another quote an infamous pchicoreshearcher stated "give me a newborn child and i can make anything from it"

i mean there is nothing "wrong" with this point because this is how we learn to adopt as a child to our enviroment because without this no being can survive in the physical...

so through all those vids and films and music and art i saw i started to discover patterns...which are only identifyable if you "do not get sucked in" meaning you stay aware here and not let yourself be cpatured by your idea that what ou experiance is real, and at the same time exclude things from your preception. for example being so in a game that you actually don't hear someone speaking to you. i mean technically your brain hears it but you have set up a "reality filter" which filters the information so it gets lost.
and these patterns as i went into investigating their nature led me to some realisations-of the "entertainment&education industry" it is an industry because it mass-produces the same thing.
and of course in the case of moovies and films the main reason for these patterns are DIRECTORS.

interesting nameing of the profession because they are who directs the product to be what it is at the end...so all those mindwashing and klische scenes and phrases and language usage is their responsibility to exist in the moovies. but hey...this isn't about pointing fingers, because this is not the end of the line of responsibility! where would you guess they "learned" more so copied these patterns? yes from schools of filming...and also the scriptwriters do learn from the same system...but hey...how did it "get into" our education? it has beed specifically placed based on reshearch and science of the human pschiche who studied how humans think-react-behave...based on the idea and the experiments on animals that their actions can be broken down to parts and that they are systems...machines...robots, who do the same thing for reaction to the same thing, and can be programmed. so the fear-greed-and obsessions of the first civilisations who "started" this snowball are here invisibly embedded in ourselves...but hey-can't blame them either...why do you want to blame anyone at all? it's nobody's fault...yet then who's responsible? every being! yep, we created this, point by point, day by day, decade after decade, generation after generation without even letting the majority know...even the elite is self-programmed in some way but only got their life-direction in their hands after figuring out how to do it...

so while we create plenty of physical and virtual and illusional stuff the other point we miss again is that we are directing IT. we shape and mold and order and direct something we call our creation and thus create this MASSIVE amount of separation within and without us as the world itself...i know this because i was into this really deep, created myself a big ego and believed myself to be a creator of existance and stuff and was obsessed with creating and my creation as something seperate while i didn't realise it is ME, the process of creation, the starting point, the end-results and the consequences of the creation are all one and equally me myself. and this not allowing myself to realise kept me in the same creational-stupidity cycle of ethernity...till i found Desteni and actually realised this point...

so the solution is the one and only...realise yourself and start directing YOURSELF instead of something else in separation-and this point also explains why we are always dissapointed with our creation because we feel something is missing...the reality is...the secret ingredient is...ourselves...we are not in our creation because we seperate ourselves from/of it...so time to stop and actually be the director of yourself not just the moovie of your so-called "life" which you make and just watch through without ever being here. free coke and popcorn sure...but it just does not worth your last chance to be/become what you are...LIFE.