Day 79: Physical Preparing

in the last post HERE i talked about preparing from the point of the mental - or hypothetic view yet not all preparations are like that.

we all know that in order to create or complete certain items/processes the activities gets more and more complex as the more complex the end result gets...yet also at the same time partial-processes and the activities with them becomes more and more simple. i use two examples here to explain what i'm writing about here.

first let's look at what we call homeland-chemistry which we all "have to" do in most cases in order to survive AND thrive in our world...yes we call it cooking, or food-creation.
it is also in the definition of the word prepare which means cook (later down i list all meanings of it)
so what does cooking means in it's entirety? putting together certain produces of the earth(plant or animal which are from the earth) mixing them together and in some cases applying energy to make the substance change it's properties. so if i oversimplify it it's mixing of the substance of the earth.
and this can be as easy from putting together fruits to the more "difficult" ones to making a full day menu with plenty varieties of food with every nutrient and such to make us thrive.
yet the most complex recepie can also be broken down to certain "sub-recepies" which can be more broken down to just actions like "pick 10 tomatoes" "wash the ten tomatoes" "mash the ten tomatoes" so basically it is a series of actions where moment by moment one creates something out of some-things. so the whole process is preparation because for the next step you are creating a "sub-product" which will be used later on. so the most hard and complex recepies are also just a series of moment by moment actions one has to do to get to the end...result.

the next example for this are computer programming, yes i know not a lot of people know the nitty gritty of this altough every human is living based according to programming so you WILL understand this whether you heard anything about this or not.
so in programming the role is the same you have certain programs doing certain things to get certain outcomes...mostly calculation with numbers. but in order for those programs to know what they need to do you have to write sub-programs called "functions" inside programs which makes sub-calculations=preparation for the rest of the code...yet when investigating it deeper even those functions are made up of orders-or commands  which basically tells the computer what to do with what...and those commands use variables or contants which you have to prepare before using them...and that preparation(declaration)of a variable is the same thing---a line in the program with a bunch of characters after one another given a specific meaning by us.

just like we forms words from letters and sentences and texts and literature...everything is made of equal uniform building blocks around us that we do certain action with and if those actions are followed by another actions that use the product of the previous actions we call the first "preparation"

yet when i look at myself...and what i did in my past i ONLY see preparation or repetition. nothing else. where preparation leads to new and new activities and products while repetition creates the same thing over and over again...but after a while one reaches a point where every preparation became repetition because we don't get anything "new" from the line of activities or processes. so preparation can only be called (in the physical) if you are creating something that will be used in a process or creates an end result that you have not yet experianced/created.

and this is where this gets confusing because we never know what is preparation or repetition because we cannot tell the 100% accurate future. yet this is where planning comes in...if i am planning to create something and work towards that than every action taken from that starting point will be a preparation, while when i am not working towards something but the creation of an existing thing it is repetition. and the key here is the starting point...

of course this way only our starting point can show what is preparation or repetition...and of course this kicks in plenty of characters and we as humanity as we are currently showing ourselves stuck in the idea that we only have to repeat our actions and all will be fine-even that we clearly see,understand,realise the end-product/outcome of our repeating actions such as war,murder,self-interest and so on.

so i'm here and stand up and commit myself to always prepare for something and act from the starting point of doing what's best for all and also commit myself to show as an example the difference between preparation and repetition.

because doing what is best for all is never repeating...there is always a way to achieve and discover new "recepies" where we can improve and make something that is more beneficial than the one before...and also what is best for all is that when everything and everyone as being again stops ALL separation within and without, when this is achieved we will no longer do "actions" as we precieve it today...because every being will express themselves and their very beingness and that is a whole other story than what we ever experianced and we will discover it as ourselves, the first step towards this is the equal money system-link on the top right in the icons.

a last sentence is that when one is only repeating then it's nothing more than a machine...like a program it can be turned on and off and does the same thing over till it runs...now decide for yourself are you a program or the programmer?