Day 83: Learning?!? i don't know...

yesterday and today i've been tutoring another in the are of Math. SHe contacted me and asked for assistance in certain topics to be able to pass the graduation re-exam from math because last year she failed to pass them and because one of my classmates suggested me to tutor her.

and that is cool, now i know that when i learn a topic and stuck or not really get it, you must ask for assistance because you are alone but here are millions of human beings who can assist and support when asked, and can show more ways to think about the point i'm facing/working on let that be guitar or math or grammar, and thus can explain the point and give context to it so i can understand.

i'm am not judgeing anyone who ask for assistance yet at the same time when the basic fundamentals of math are not understood to a level of knowing it and not just remembering and applying the rules then that is a clear sign of a big hole in the concept of learning.
which is quite easy to get because our education system is in itself more like a big black hole(NOT the one in space), and leaves one in the minds of the youngsters...

i'm not going into detail about how fucked this system is here...yet particularly at her i saw a point that made her into such position.

and that point is the "i don't know" character. even after i explained in many ways how to solve the problems, and showed some examples, when given some excercises to solve which are exactly the same in nature, this character immediately comes up and even verbally expressed. of course in this case i went over again on the examples and the explanation and write out the excercise and the explanation in a step-by-step form, because when we really look at Math it is nothing more than a bunch of steps that require the basic counting of addition,substraction,multiplication and divison with one digit numbers.
even after doing this more than twice this character still comed up as her...and of course when facing this character one allows to put a blank slate in the mind as a blank thought and from there she just started to try and make up answers to the problem based on guesses. there's no problem with that at all because at least not got stuck on the blank thought but pushed on yet got only to the fundamentals and not where the "new"method for solving the problem resided.
so at some break i asked around about her and what she experiance and how was she learning math ect. and got to the point that first came fears and judgements, than got into this character which stops progress.

now there is a couple ways for a child to DEVELOP such habits and patterns because we are not born with the "i don't know" children never actually say this by themselves, it only comes up when we systematically WANT to hear our answers from them and kinda staggers them that we asked, or we asked something that they never got to know at all like: "did you know that earth is not completely round?-from a 4year old" these encourage children to get to a habit of just presenting the "i don't know" character and thus evade the responsibilitsy of answering or failing to answer or fearing failing to give the RIGHT answer. we all know this, we all know ourselves that when we ask back something from the child we always want THE RIGHT answer to our question, when we get it then we go "cool thanks" or pet them and say "good boy/girl" or "you are so smart" ect. and the kex point is when we not hear that particular answer we go and immediately REACT with exaggeration and express huge emotions like anger or sadness or frustration or dissapointment and such.

the easiest way to identify if one really never heard of something or just putting up this charactes is to check their writings/lessons from the past meaning look into their booklets and see if they encountered the problem before...i saw those there and saw self-completed examples too and so it becomes pretty obvius that if one could solve it before, after some refreshing one can solve it again. noone is stupid or forgetful enough (except those that have severe illness in these areas like alcheimer's) to not know the way to solve it.

so when i have proof of myself have been able to do an exercise or problem before then i cannot go into saying that i don't know how to do it...

so i see the best way to stop this is breathing and realising myself here that this lie is so obvius to me that i cannot get along with it ... so i push myself to remember OR go and learn it again and figure out how i did it before.
and this is why i encourage self-larning techniques for pretty much everything...i mean it is cool to have support and assistance IF YOU NEED IT, otherwise one can learn anything by itself...so whenever i face a problem that i really don't know yet this also encourages me to go and look for it...

i was never a good learner in schools-no in any of them before i started this process. and because i was in many schools and saw plenty of teachers teaching the same thing and had the tendency/ability/time to analyze the teachers and what they are doing(instead of learning :lol) i understood that it really depends on the teacher's understanding, patience, respect and motivation/urge to teach.not every teacher can teach every kid to the same thing...not every kid can learn from every teacher too, so basically this shows that the best teacher you'll ever find to suit you is yourself and yourself only. if i'm not taking the responsibility to teach myself then i will NEVER EVER learn ANYTHING at all. just sit there and stare out my head...this is why the saying is true "one cannot teach another if the other is not willing to learn" basically this means that if i am not willing to teach myself within and AS the teacher she/he cannot possibly teach me anything.
and it just assists in the creation and participation in plenty of characters like the "i don't know" "i am too dumb to understand" "i cant see the bigger picture" "there's too many details!" and so on.

when i'm here, breathing i see that i have all the time and patience in the world to teach myself anything let that be handling heavy machinery or making a beaded necklace or putting together a chair or just moving my body. the key point to realise is that I AM what i learn, thus i am being and becoming what i learn and thus change my very beingness by becoming that topic and thus expanding my ablitiy to express myself here and do things in the physical world.
so the best way to discover yourself is to teach yourself as equal and one and expand my self-expression and beingness.