Day 90: Dedication and Problem Solving

today morning i had a dream which opened up this point and i took it through my day to investigate myself as the various aspects of it. (will later link the link of the detailed description of the dream in my other blog)

Long story short I was a civilan human being captured by an alein race dragged and tortured and became an activist militia and grouped up with other hostages and broke free yet it was only a trap to lead "the enemy" home to our base so i were re-captured. the key point was interesting because after this point i became more aware of the situation here while being in the dream and stuud up and started negotiating with the aliens and directed myself to give offers and communicate what is best for all including both races and finally we came to agreement which i devoted myself to do and it was establishing a starting point for equality and cooperation between all beings of both factions.

the real key was the way i've negotiated with them, meaning i was broken, torn, hurt, nearly dead yet still throwing my death-fear out the window started to work towards a goal that could stand even after my passing. and the decision and the unleased power of self-commitment and dedication "came" in an instant at the same moment of the realisation that it is the only thing to do. i say it's came yet it means that i as myself bursted out AS that dedication and self-direction.

i can state that i was conscious in this dream meaning even after a whole day of doing else i can clearly remember it, not because it made a deep emotional scar or that it "changed my view" but because it actually was a clear representation of myself...the best mirror possible.

In living here i am constantly in situations where "problems" arise meaning i face facts which i can do something about or let it stay the same, "solving" these "problems" is choosing a method/way/act of participation and produce and end-result/consequence. it is about testing myself and my standing within my principles and if i actually do live them as myself or not. of course because of this there is no one and only solution to the same problem but multiple, the key thing is the starting point and the amount of "effort" meaning the level of work done to reach a satisfactory level of progression put into it. so if the starting point is clear and fits the "what's best for all in equality and oneness" principle and a reasonable effort to progress towards this is put in it that is one of the many ways to achieve the result of creating what is best for all in all ways-common sense. if either one is missing then it's simply not effective or even "worsens" the situation meaning creates more problems to solve later on.

thus this whole problem solving is about me testing my standing and making sure that i would stick to these principles in every possible scenario. not as a reflex but as a self-willed self-dedicated movement. thus this is also why dreams are useful because in those "imaginary worlds and situations" i can experiance scenarios that may not happen here in reality therefore i do not have a programmed standing in it thus opening the chance to see if i let my preprogramming to take over in "new" situations or i can actually direct myself as life.

and this is part of the ultimate test, to show to myself what i do in given circumstances no matter where or what or how i am in existance-and when i can stand in all situations and all form and all problems i am still not done with all...because then comes the part of taking responsibility and dedicating and assisting and supporting other beings as well to ensure that ALL BEINGS do stand as the ethernal principle of equalit and oneness and what is best for ALL BEINGS. and that of course takes time, everything "moves" in time, and only the test of time will proove if one stands and if all stands or not.

90 days of writing, 3 months of my life normally 1-2hrs per day to share my investigations-dedications-self-forgiveness, self-dedication, and realisations. and all these ~3830hours of writing i GIVE through walking my seven years of journey to life equally and free to all. its a small tax comparing to my 201500hours that i have spent on earth aprrox till now. and never forget: EVERY MOMENT COUNTS!