Day 94: Specialisation

Here i talk about human evolution and program, so basically about evolution of programs because in reality oddly enough we humans currently the majority exist only as programs and organic robots where we turn on in the morning, boot up our systems, oil the parts, have a basic maintenance, make sure enough fuel is in the tank to go for the day(which we regularly fill up 3-5times a day) then commute to the place/organisation/system/factory where start producing products/energy till the sun is up or more, then travel back to the "home" compartment using again the same movement system only to take care of our body mechanics and then turn off for the rest of the night/dawn. during this we constantly and continuously execute programs both in the mind"compartment" and in the physical.

Specialisation is NOT a new thing at all for humans. We have been doing it since the start of mankind, at Mesopotamia where there were certain types of "professions" and "titles" which basically defined what the person is capable of, worthy of, and does most of the time. Even the names of the individual reflected his or her "profession" and "title" which can bee see till today. for example we have "king arthur the third" or "John Tailor" or "sergeant Shepherd". I am not sure that this was introduced as a must or it just became a habit amongst all of us based on that we humans in our mind have very limited memory except a few and also we always link things we experience with things we think/feel/imagine ect. thus it is easier to remember "general" things than individual names like "arthur monderoni ala shire" or "Johnathan gallover" or "Phil Drake Shepherd" (even shepherd IS a profession tag) because the less information we have to remember the more things we can store as information. like you can have a limited amount of characters/tweet you fill it up and there's no more space.

Names are just reflection of our daily lives where we do mostly one thing a day and that categorises us, or so we believe. There is no problem with doing the same activity over and over if it is an activity that is best for all and it NEVER gives THE SAME END PRODUCT as before. here i mean long and short term too because based on the fact that every creation is based on the creator and it is common sense that every moment is "different" therefore no two individual end product/result can be the exact same, even when i breathe every breath is different in some or another way, yet it is best for all of my body and with ever breath it is changing/improving (muscle and tissue growth).
So specialisation is that when one being favors one activity on the longer scale of time. for example i learn software engineering for 5 years then work in software engineering for 50 years.

Our current society is based on specialisation that every individual MUST have one thing that which it trains to "be the best" in and thus ONLY contribute to the whole in that particular point/profession and this enables for the whole to have many different end results/outcomes/products/professions therefore all JOBS/tasks are dealt simultaneously with individuals who are "expert" in their field.
This system although require a GREAT deal of arrangement and order in order (lol) to work, which means that we have categorisation/specialisation of humans into casts, or groups where we define the VALUE of the contribution of the individuals and group them accordingly. and based on this we assign control schemes or schematics and programs which makes sure and handles the regulation.
We value the individuals themselves according to that value of their contribution (because it's easier like with names) and thus TREAT one another according to this.

The key issue/problem with this system is that it is based on the fundamental IDEA that
"No individual is capable of doing every task that is required in the whole community" AND
"No individual is capable of regulating and directing itself on it own"
from this comes the really old principle of "TRUST NO ONE" not even yourself.

All this is also placed in time where based on our addiction and BELIEVED dependency on time we say that information and knowledge can only be achieved in a certain specific RATE which of course varies from individual to individual yet it has a min-max range. based on this we created the education system which to serve the purpose of the above principles operates on a NEED-TO-KNOW basis. actually the whole life based on that anyway.
So in order to generate the needed amount of specialised workers we have to educate them TRAIN them FORCE information@knowledge into them in order to be able to work in a specific job and thus be able to contribute to society, because when one does not contribute anything it just DRAINS the resources "in vain" while the others give some resources back while consuming others.
so this whole thing is based on FEAR OF LOOSING resources. and the principle that no one should give unconditionally.

also the same is true for computer programs. individual short programs(i mean short based on character count which is the amount of data stored which is a resource) can do one task and every program operates in an operating system where there are given values and grades and levels of access to resources and a certain CHAIN OF COMMAND. the top priority programs only have the point of controlling the ones below and those have to control the ones below and those have to... all the way to the most invalued program which is the hardware itself in this case. so every program has a part of receival module to get directions from higher programs, a REGULATION&control module towards programs that are below it, and a task to do on it's level.
one might wonder "where does the main 'head' program knows what to do?"
easy: the main program which only has the task of regulating any other programs HAS BEEN PROGRAMMED WHAT TO DO and it only does what its programmed to do and it regulates the whole system or community of programs below.
it is the same for the human programs the topmost leadership has been placed and pre-programmed by the creator of the system in order to regulate and maintain the system itself.

of course unlike programs the human unit is not able to exist infinitely till it's resources are available therefore a regulation in our re-production is been placed in order to always have the required amount of specialised individuals for every level/cast/class and thus education system is regulating this too.

In an Equal Money System (hence the name) there is no such thing as above, there are no PERMANENT specialisation based on the realisation that every individual IS CAPABLE of performing any given task if the necessary preparations have been done
and that every individual is capable of REGULATING and DIRECTING itself based on the principles of what is best for all.
thus there will be individuals who will do the same "profession" over and over in a given time frame for like 5 years yet he/she is free to decide and direct in which specialisation it prefers and also can change it anytime if walked through the necessary preparations. and allowed and even respected and gifted to contribute further
but it is NOT a must to give up 80% of your lifetime in order to keep the system going and only benefit from it in your childhood and elderhood.
so it is a group of EQUAL individuals who are SELF-DIRECTIVE based on the principle of what is best for all and who are equally provided by the system and further gifted for the contribution towards the system. yet everyone is equally provided with the basic life needs for free.
so instead of knowing how much workers we need to feed the system we will focus on how much and what it NEEDS TO BE DONE therefore we only have to make sure that the tasks are completed because that is what is physical here and that is the only thing that matters because it's either done or not, and if not that means lack of self-direction which is not best for anyone. hence the "man create jobs" is never true yet the principle of "work makes the man" will be true in the meaning of that the key element is the contribution itself and it is not about the individual who does it, because everyone is equally benefit in the same position AND IN ALL POSITIONS. so it does not matter if you build houses or plan them or dig the ground or take the trash or maintain the house every one's contribution is valued equally because time is ticking for all equally.

I am one vote for the equal money system and for equality on earth!