Day 106: Physical expectations

Today the most prominent point i found was that on gym class we ran the "cooper" test which is to run as much as you can in 12 minutes. we have a 400-450m long running grounds here so it's easy to see how long have you run.

The teacher is telling us many things, he has awareness about movement and sports and being healthy and all that, and he made clear that he has expectations towards the class. the class itself is pretty spread in terms of past so every person is coming from a very different enviroment and previous involvedness in movement or exercising. so after a bit exhausting warmup, he told us to at least run 5 circles which means 2km in that 12 minutes. so a minimum of 10km/hour speed. sounds easy because i usually walk with 5km/h but actually it isn't.

we ran and counted the laps...the point is he made up these expectations towards us as a normal thing...of course only 1-3 people could actually run the 4-5-or more laps so his answer/reaction to this was "you don't have the ability to live". making a direct correlation between fitness and lifespan...which is not quite like it is here. he is quite fit and ect. yet it is common sense that without considering one's background noone can make such statements about the person. just from a couple of tests and exercises.

for example i had little to none opportunity on this summer to go and say jog for half an hour every day...thus i am not in the position to run for 12 minutes continuosly at normal running speed. and i even stated this that immediate drastic change is not the way the physical works. i can stop any abuse or addiction or thought participation in one moment, yet i cant lift hundreds of pounds without properly training myself through weeks. and this applies to all movement related physical activities. here are no miracles, yes in real case emergency i can use and a bit abuse my body to push to the absolute maximum and achieve great results like lifting a car or something, but that has serious consequences i would have to face.
like while i ran i experienced a heart rate at about 140-170BPM which is insanely fast and dangerous.

also the point he is right that doing exercises always starts in our head, meaning if one is committed one can achieve great results OVER TIME, but what i also see along him seeing is that the average student is weak in the area of commitments and easily give up for a bit of resting/release. and of course that is a problem everyone has to work on it's own. yet as long as individuals come from different backgrounds, without proper preparations one cannot expect a certain "limit" or "score" to be hit, just like IQ is dependant on previous education.

I know i had expectations towards myself which i used to abuse or blame myself or others for not meeting them. and holding expectations are really just a weak link, because it is all based on energy: if i mett my expectations i am happy and fulfilled, when i fail i'm sad and depressed. this method is not trustworthy to be able to produce change wihtin the habits and lifestyles of humans.
on the other hand COMMITMENTS done in self-honesty does actually assist and support in changing myself, because it's made clear that when i am not walking the commitments i am self-dishonest with myself, thus a correction has to be applied and the points revised.

When i do keep my commitments that is a clear sign that i have changed myself accordingly, and because such commitments are from a starting point of what is best for all and common sense, i am actually walking towards becoming a human who does what is best for all in common sense.

it is a process and not a sudden change because i can only take one point at a time.

when and as i go into making up expectations about myself or other, i stop and breathe.
I realise that having expectations is actually disregarding what is here and only looking at points from a mind perspective without considering all the correlating facts,effects.
I commit myself to show that only applying self-honest commitments are the way of real change for oneself.
I commit myself to apply self-honest commitments and walk them as the totality of my being here, and to forgive and correct myself whenever i go into self-dishonesty.