Day 102: Physical placement

As i walk around, bike around, sit around and horseride around my days i realised that all i do is PLACE myself in a moment into an enviroment and activity where i as my outside reflection of myself, test myself and my starting point and my reactions, and my corrections and if i in fact live or not my commitments.

and this is really supportive and the best feedback i've ever had. I realised this while working on my seat in riding a horse, and to be aware of my position and placement of the certain bodyparts and their relative correlation to each-other in order to express a specific "poseture" in order to be able to provide physical stability and manouverability at the same time, while "being in control" meaning that the positure is not restricting any movement.

thus throught the day i concentrated on what pose or muscle state i am moving or sitting(mostly) and it is clear that all that i am is 100% reflected on my body position, tension, movement to the last hair. and i can only walk my correction when i am actually physically applying it in and as my body.

and i really noticed that i changed my movement/standing/sitting way/structure/form and  this gives again feedback too. I learn to trust and be aware of my body all the time. it takes time as every other process, yet i can now be aware of my touch and heat senses ALL around my body. there were times in the past when i was in my mind all the time and never even felt my body at all...i was just a walking cloud of thoughts/feelings/emotions and more.

and this develops too, sensing the skin, then the muscles, then the internal workings and so on. Here are plenty of processes going simultaiusly in the body which we are not aware at all, like the digestion system: the normal thinking of it is "you put in food, and shit out poo, and only concern about senses at these two occasions"

of course everyone's first step should be aware BREATHING all the time. even i can't do that yet i slowly but surely develop myself and day by day i manage to do it more at a time or at new or old "used-to situations, where i used to react or behave a certain way yet remaining here breathing assists with being able to see the common sense in my application and be able to take my stand in the points.

Physical placement can also mean that one is placed into the world(through birth) in a certain specific geogaphical place where the enviroment has it's pros and cons. which the being has to "deal with".