Day 104: Learning made fun

in my life before i went to compulsory education and walked in many schools as i have expressed before, yet only HERE i realised and understood what is the learning itself within me.

the general idea is that learning is just "acquiring knowledge and information" and being able to give back it.-regurgitate it-

it is really obvius that this activity is nothing else than being a machine, a computer, an organic robot stuck in stupidity cycles where you put in information then spit it out then get in more and get out more and so on.
by definition this SHOULDN'T be called learning because it is COPYing and PASTEing information and knowledge. even if i take some technical study like mechanics or electrotechnics or even mathematics, when you are not a reshearcher then you are only (re)using the supplied information and act based on it. for example i can tell that we make our wooden furniture the same way with the almost same tools like in EGYPT and ROME! which was thousands of years before...the only things changed is that we are much more lazy and make metal machines to do the hard work instead of us.

so normally and "ideally" (meaning based on the idea of raising children as the general accepted ways) no human being learns anything from the education system. the only occasion one learns is when they fall and "loose" something/someone. we just call these "hard lessons" and actually evade them and protect our children from it! (like not letting our kids to see someone die) even when we have footage(physical evidence of one's fall) we show our kids that it's funny and how good it is that it's not them, programming selfishness into them.

so it's fun made learning instead, because i see that everything i laughed or had fun on before i can see how much i can learn from it and veen in my own situations which i used to laugh at and get on.
i am aware that plenty of people and groups yell all around about "we are not taught to learn" and come up with millions of ideas and ways and methods to learn millions of things...what they miss is that they are "teaching" those methods THE SAME WAY! imprinting and demanding regurgitation.

And a cool point to see that the Desteni"I"process is actually teaching something...and one learns for real. yes the material is the same for everyone (equality and oneness!) yet the test one is taking is the test of it's own, meaning the participant explains and expresses itself and if that reflects that he/she learned the material than that is clearly reflected on the writings.

learning in my own pace is the next key step in education...which in schools is non-existant. yes i have due-dates, i have responsibilities and tasks and regular check-ins yet it is all to assist and support with the whole learning process and not to squeeze out info from me.

and this realisation led me where i can LEARN at last the "normal" studies too which they give in schools, because i actually take the responsibility to learn them not just store them as information&knowledge, but live them as myself, and that is the importance because what i cannot walk in the physical in space and time that i did not learn yet.

Learning is never about the topic or class or theme...it is always about you re-discovering yourself.