Day 100: Memories Part 3 - The end of stupidity

originally written on:2012-09-03 at 20:06

Here is the night before i move out tomorrow, to discover new things, study, live and walk my process with others.

I moved in my life so often that it became normal for my judgeing and thus this way i allow myself to not have fears about it.
Altough I have some small anxieties but they pass with breathing and being here. Yet i notice a pattern in me while packing I choose "random" memories to remember about living where i move from, I bring up points that were hidden in "normalness" while i lived here, this is only me creating relationships to the place which charge and release energy when i cam back "huh, it's good to be back!"
this is why i like going to the same place/shops because I get energy from it, and every new place gets some memory attachment to remember TO it.

NOT THIS TIME! and not again ever. this is just to keep up the infintite loop of stupidity and lock me into a place. My home HERE is EARTH and all the universe itself, no need for memories, or special places and times, thus my process remains the same as the commitment that i walk it no matter "where" i am in the physical.