Day 108: Physical Evidence

originally written on paper on 2012-09-28 before 21:45

The days flow, the events follow each other, things happen all the time, and the more aware I am the more "in sinch" I am with the physical. when i allow myself to just "go with the flow" I do not do my responsibilities, and this is Luxury I can't afford. yes having connections, shareing myself and investigateing Life as it flows is useful, but never from a separated mind perspective!
While i was aligning myself with others, I let my responsibilities and made up justifications and lies to keep it "cool".
Anything I do in process that does not have a physical evidence is the same as it didn't happenned.
this is why this can't be done "in the mind" because that is the opposite of the physical. So living and physical application IS all what is a clear sign of REAL CHANGE.