Day 111: the ONEs in the universe

When i look at myself, as a "one" universe, i see that actually this meaning of one thing is not really true at all.
I mean of course here is oneness which "binds us all together" because we are all one AND equal with and AS the universe/existance/ALL.

yet everywhere I look when there's one of something there is always "more" of it also. even infinitely more. like putting 1's after one another infinitely. and still you get 1 number as the addition of those.
As I grew up as a human organic robot, of course i have been told that if i SEE something that something is 1 thing. and even in all languages we have words for things that are only alone (A chair, An Elephant ect.) and we have different words for when we talk about more than 1 of those things.
so it's like a mental barrier like the sound-barrier and lightspeed-barrier that we either ON it or above or below.

mostly I used to think in the physical world in integers which means if there is some of a thing that is either one OR more. there exist no half water or half apple (because that is 1 apple which has less mass and a different form, ect.) so this is a barrier within below things don't exist. funny that even there is no such thing as a half-thought. or half-action.
and this clearly shows that in the physical universe and our mental realms everything is ONE and equal. because if it's not 1 or less than 1 it's not included in the equasion of reality.

and also quite funny that all humans have the addiction to get more...while all we need is ONE thing=ALL as one and equal.