Day 113: The power of the Moment.

Today i had to realise what awareness in the physical is really meaning, and what is the "use" of it.

I am glad that i can work with horses *for free*, i mean i have 1-2 riding sessions (45-60mins riding and more for other) per week, and while doing this the horses are really assisting and supporting me, and of course everyone equally, with any point we must face.

horse riding is an intense physical activity which requires both the attention and awareness of the horse and the rider. Either of these are missing and there will be consequences. i mean, it can be even serious as death of one or both participant.
The base-block of time in the physical is one moment, altough this is a bit flexible, because one moment can both mean a hundreth of a second and even 10-30 seconds too. so one moment is one inbreath/outbreath/hold, which of course can be varying in time yet it's still a stable amount. This time we have to consider not only the moment of the human, but also the moment of the horse. and when they move - based on their flight animal nature - horses breathe much faster and so their interval of one moment "shortens".

Animals are great teachers because they always show and stand as an example on how to be aware of every moment and being self-directive based on principle, and when riding horses I can really feel from up close how this works and can experience their physical actions and answers to the physical events around them. of course every animal is also an individual and based on their lifetime events and previous handling experience they will direct themselves differently, in the case of horses for example one horse can be really fearful and shy and running, while the other will not even move a muscle to the same enviromental condition.

The interesting thing is when riding horses, is that they allow a certain amount of direction from the rider, of course which is also based on the rider itself and it's application, and animals, especially horses are really good at knowing humans. but there are cases when they decide that they apparently knwo better, or see lack of direction from the rider so they act on their directive principles and don't care about the rider, other times they do this to make the rider aware of it's application, therefore reflecting back at it so he/she can see understand and realise it and make the possible corrections for the benefit of both.

forgiveness and correction comes in the next post...