Day 120: the Weight of Money

How heavy money is? does it matter? does debt has a weight? such questions are only arise in children before they are brainwashed into the system. i asked these too when i was young and got not really much answer to it.

well, when i look at that money SHOULD represent some VALUE of a certain physical product, then obviusly all the money weights some. the problem is that today, loans or debts are not actually currently existing value of items, but future values or past values, which is really weird that in fact we sell time, and opportunities,not goods themselves.
for example the food-exchange market is based on predictions and buying grains or other food that are not yet actually harvested at all, but will be harvested. or we pay the price of a brand-the past of the company and it's efforts-added to the actual value of the item.

but still loans and debt does not fit this picture. giving a loan is like hoping and assuming for the other to pay in the future, so not just a time difference but also a probability, which may not come true. the real problem is that "because i made this available" i have to be payed for this "service" in the form of interest. because it is in my interest to give you the opportunity to maybe pay later.
and here comes the problem, that the current system CREATES MONEY out of thin air, meaning banks issue their debt towards federal banks, to customers (giving debt based on debt) and thus create money into fluctuation but the never create the interest they ask for.(that must come from another's loan) this way it is a controlled but steady LACK of money in the world.

this way paying back all the loans in the world-including state loans and such is just plain impossible, because they the money of interest does not exist in circulation. so debt's rise, and people go bankrupt(bank errupted(destroyed like earthquake) my value) and so the banks own more lands items and in the very end the one and only largest bank on the world will own all property on earth.

still people take loans and mortgages. why? first:not everyone is aware that the system works this way, second:the wanting to survive is soo allowed to overpower humans that they take the risk. third:it's the fast way out of trouble. and pretty easy too!

I also take student loans this semester, and probably the next one too...and i write why:i'm not learning where i live with my relatives therefore they cannot support me with food-clothing ect. and i have to take responsibility for myself and take care of my human physical body. without money noone can survive ALONE. so i take this to be able to pay my rent and feed myself, and to buy the really necessary equipment for studying. after school when i get a job i will be easy to repay it, and not takes me to a debt-crisis. i'm not spending money for nothing like i had-but even before this i had used the money to support another-out of love-and living in the capital takes a lot of money everywhere, and also supporting the family cost too.

having a debt always sticks in your mind..."oh i'm in debt of another" "i must do anything to equalise myself" " i need to work harder to even out" and such thoughts keeps one in a position of fear. and those who created this debt system of money were aware that this will feed fears and anxieties which kill people often thus the whole procedure of property gain for the bankers gets faster and smoother.
because all the thoughts and fears do is keep me in limits and keeps me occupied and support the mind systems. fear of death is the ultimate occupation of humans...fearing the inevitable...

so debt makes one FEEL as depressed and anxious and DOWN, while having plenty of money makes one ELEVATED, HAPPY, COMFORTABLE. so money has this weird "mental weight" where negative amounts pull you down, while positive amounts raise you up. so it has this imaginative weight that we feel 24/7 from the moment we get into contact with. while in fact it is weightless because now it only exists in the bits and bytes of the computer networks and hard drives...so it's just a magnetic force organised in a matrix that we assign meaning to.