Day 121: Compulsory

It is an interesting "concept" we humans created, that the certain authority 'figures' allow themselves-and we to them-to make things compulsory to others.

yes i am aware of that laws are useful-at least some of em'- and that we need these compulsory things...well bullshit, when one is aware of one's enviroment and is living common sense and lives what is best for all, that being will definately not do the things that the current law's prohibit and will practice real-education, real advancing, real-reshearch and so on. in a system where the participants are self-honest and self-aware no such things as laws has to DICTATE what one must or mustn't do. it is common sense that i don't run around shooting people in the head just for fun, and that i work with others who can show me technologies and ways to do a certain "profession".

so now i'm not anymore in compulsory education, yet when one has got in, than they make the classes and practises compulsory and thus punish the participant on missing out. nothing is being considered only in special cases where one student is in a special mid-profession or does two at the same time and they can ask for custom arrangement of classes ect. but the normal student is told when where and how to be.

yet i'm here and it is clear that some of the classes are just plain repetition of a previous one i'm sitting on earlier week, it is exactly the same-word by word-so it is common sense that i don't have to go there again and sit through that 1.5 hour again. and this is what i've been doing is to breathe and consider the common sense regarding school time and sporting and general activity planning through the day. and it is really supprtive to do this every day, being aware that even the smallest detail can turn the whole "semi-plan" upside down and being prepared for it. so i'm not following aa strict timetable or plan...yet i am aware that i have responsibilities that i took and those have a certain time frame or date, so apart from these fixed appointments i am pushing through to use common sense in finding the best solution for every day.