Day 126: Rate of Life

the Rate here means the event/timeframe meaning how frequent a thing is.

so i've realised today that I as a human always live according to time, yet time itself is not a material holdable touchable thing therefore we measure time based on certain repeating events and we have a base of time:
SI defines the second as 9,192,631,770 cycles of the radiation that corresponds to the transition between two electron spin energy levels of the ground state of the 133Cs atom.
so we have a "basic" thing that reoccurres in a constant interval (at least from a scientific perspective) and we given it a meaning and also made it a system where there are larger and smaller volumes of it is told like minutes hours days and so on.

while they studied the brain they also discovered a part in the frontal lobe that is, like a beat, for the body which gives signals in a certain interval which determins how fast some bodily functions and mostly the brains preception works. while studying it we also found out that certain enviromental conditions (like the experience of freefalling) can slow or haste this beat of our body.
also assumptions are made that because it determines how fast we precieve our reality, it is key to understanding life on earth. because we also found out that the smaller a human or animal is the faster this beat goes and vice versa.

what i have discovered in myself is that i desire/want a faster paced anything. I've discovered this while watching videos and listening to songs, the faster the speech is the more i like it...of course this is not just this simple.

but this generally wanting a faster paced life comes from...of course my childhood. Having the situation with my parents unable to communicate and be with me a lot while creating my separation issues and beliefs and systems, i also throguh this had to pretty early think about taking care of my mental well being.not physical, because i had food and activities from them-i was supported in that area-but not socially or mentally or assit vise. and with this came my eagerness of acquring information and knowledge because i knew i need it to satisfy my aloneness and anti-social attitude and not get depressed but have something to "chew on". this also resulted in me being impatient, not letting other's finish their sentence but finishing it for them-mostly not what they wanted to end with, rushing to assumptions and plenty of other points.
As i've grown up this just got escalated and i also wanted to play through games quick, hear fast music and watch action driven movies. there were a slight adrenaline addiction too.

Later on in highschool i have met guys who listened to rap music which i enjoyed, it was hungarian underground rap(not anymore underground) and i was amazed that the rapper could speak whole words and understandable sentences 2-3times as fast as normal people speak. and because i was a fast-comprehending robot, i looked at it as cool "at last someone speak at a decent speed and i don't have to waaaaaiiiiiit for them to say something". of course even the lyrics themselves were cool because of the topics that generally noone dared to speak/sing about. so i started to listen to those...

In that time i already knew english medicore and was kinda bored with the usual lesson speech speed so i shearched on the internet and asked around friends if they know english rappers. and lol i found them...not so many but enough for that time. and i mostly wanted to listen to it to test myself if i'm able to comprehend what they are talking about, and after a week or so i was pretty much able to understand 95% of their lyrics, even had fun with the little fame where my classmates who also listened to them asked "and now...what does he said?" "what is the meaning of the lyrics?". i liked it, then i started to listen to any english music to test myself if i can understand and comprehend their message, at that time i only went for message, so most of "pop new" music i missed out because even in 2003-2007 there were A LOT of crap nonsensical lyriced music like Gaga and such.
and i started to look for even faster and faster music. but anywhere i shearched i could even comprehend the fastest speech so this given me a really huge confidance boost regarding english language. of course it was all a good practice and this is why i can speak fluently and in wide-variety. all those words and viewpoints i met adds up to the use of language like reading does-but much faster way of doing so.

from there on i mostly liked the ones talking fast in english and it seems that it got to being a general rule in america that people talk fast. yes life got faster i know-we made it go faster.