Day 140: Harmony

All humans seeks it, yet again none of us have it fully. Why does Harmony is so special again? It's linked to plenty of words, and it's just like happiness and joy and relationship, it's a thing but it's a bit undefinable, for most humans.

To look at it technically there is harmony, it's when two electro-magnetic-waves from two different sources have the same frequency(speed) and/or amplitude(magnitude). To give a more physical example harmony is when things SEEMINGLY move in space while being still relative to each other, we say they are moving "together".

for example when I'm sitting on a chair on earth, i am moving in harmony with earth both around the axis of it both around the sun...i'm more or less ALWAYS moving in harmony with planet earth. there can be a slight change in my relative velocity but still it's minor compared to how fast earth is moving around-except if i would go onto a spaceship :lol but even then when in orbit it's harmony.

jusgeing harmony in the physical is only a matter of point-of-reference. the smaller/closer the reference point the larger the fluctuation.

yet also there is another meaning we created for this word. and emotional one.
so when two people are in harmony that means that more likely can they live together and come to agree than with others. seems a bit rare from this point. yet as untinkable it sounds actually two beings can be in total harmony, meaning can stand and agree in everything completely the same and still have differences-if one wants to shearch for such.

Finding someone who I can be in harmony with is really not that difficult, because at our base we are all come from the same source-earth-life. thus we are all ONE and EQUAL thus when we get back to such level of awareness we are actually in harmony. of course that is a process, that requires plenty of work and self-honesty.

so the task becomes less about finding the perfect match and more about meeting someone whoe are closer to where i am in process yet walks it independently. then it comes down to physical comfortability, so yet i'm not at that point.
the important thiung is that I don't shearch for someone to be with, i'm enjoying myself and also enjoy being with others the same amount. breath is breath all the time.

more on specific points later.