Day 145: Right to Fight or Right to Flight?

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I've been seeing this mentality in front of my eyes all the time, and been in it also, yet i've never actually realised it. It's a common concept that when an animal/human gets to a certain situation a deep instinct activates (lol) and it will bring forth a "Fight or Flight" REACTION from it and the situation and the outcome will become really unpredictable, and sudden, and RANDOM.

Of course this only comes from the lack of understanding what is here, because if it's a reaction then it is 100% sure that there are certain conditions where every time the results will be the same, of course here are a lot of conditions and variables to play with even when I narrow down to a specific situation of a specific being in a specific enviroment...so the equasion remains still huge and has a lot of variables nevertheless what we all miss is that it's still solvable. what i mean by that is that when I take all variables and being aware of all the cause-effect inputs, then the precise output can be seen clearly.

This whole thing however originates from another point, which is having right to react-or more so-reaction being the only possible outcome of a trigger-event. we humans are always on and off about our rights to do this and that...while we are not considering what such statement actually says. with stating this i have accepted and allowed myself that when here is a trigger event i am every time react to it, within certain limits of course. based on the belief that i have the right to react to it, and based on my ego i "want" to have my rights and behave according to them, based on the belief that my rights are providing me and making me able to have POWER. power over others to be more precise. while missing the obvius fact that with this belief i am actually giving up/loosing power over myself because i am not directing myself wihtin awareness.

And here are these two main aspects of reactions:Fight and Flight.
Obviusly Fight means to TRY to destroy/kill/disable the triggering event/being,
and Flight means to TRY to keep the event/being out of my sensory radius and/or severe the connection with it.
of course choosing between the two are told to be based on decision-while our decisions are really lacking consideration of connected points.

Here it's clear that this right to react is only an illusion and neither fighting or flighting is a possible solution to solve the situation. physically there is some situations where one has apparently no choice like when someone is punched and kicked and abused physically-which is unacceptable, to make it stop. but it's not something that can be blamed on the trigger event/being itself. When i fight or flight it is only my responsibility and i have to bear all the consequences of such decision. just like what the animal kingdom shows us, they do this in only a really required situation and only to the point of stopping the physical abuse done to them.

So I have been protecting this illusion of right to evade my responsibilities, and to evade dealing with my resistances and fears and points.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to believe that rights are real and gives me power over others.
I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to believe that i have rights to fight against something or someone including myself.
I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to believe that i have rights to flight from taking responsibility for myself and others as well.
I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to condition myself to react to certain trigger points/events without any consideration of relevant points.
I forgive myself that i have not accepted and allowed myself to see understand and realise that i am protecting such illusions with the same points of flight reaction when facing them.

i am continuing in the next post...