Day 137: Sleeping curse

For a long time in my life i have not considered sleeping an action, i mean, i do nothing while sleeping and i cannot control when and at what moment i fall asleep, so it remained a mistery.

Mostly i just considered it "natural" and used it as i am staying up untill my eyes get really heavy and then i just "knock myself out"

when i was 10 i started to be a bit more conscious about sleeping and did experiment with myself, to how longs can i stay up awake and see if any side-effects occur. the starting point of my investigation was fun and efficiency-because i wanted to have more time playing comp.games and it's efficient to be up overnight too.so i conducted an experiemnt where i was awake for 4 days in a row, playing all night and in the afternoons too, it was normal school week so i was in school in most of the daytime, then got home and played till the morning.
the result were quite interesting, because it was really easy to do it, i didn't get tired, didn't have any side effects, other than having tons of thoughts about the gaming. to add i was not yet drinking coffe or tea AT ALL. why did i stop then? i wasn't tired per say at the end, just the game got boring and too repetitive. i saw that i can do ALOT more while staying up and have no loss in return, yet it was just for fun so i continued sleeping normally my 6-9hours.oh and after the experiment i only had 6 hours of sleep-not 1 day.

another point to consider is how i changed my sleeping habits during my life.
when i was in elementary in 1-4th grade, that starts early at 8am here so i had to get up at 6:30-7:30 and usually gone to bed at 8-9pm
4-7th grade the school started at 7:30 because of musical afternoon education, and i have been much farther (35-40min walk) from it so i got up at 6-6:30 and because i started playing more i went to bed at 9-10pm
at 8th grade again 6am getting out but again 9-11pm going to bed.
in the middleschool of technical collage it again started at 7:30 and we had an hour cardrive to it so 5:45-6am getting up and a stable 10pm for sleeping.
later on in 2010-2012 i had to wake early to get into school to 7am (woodwork class)so this further got down to 5-5:30am wakeing up time.

at weekends throught my life pretty consistently i would wake up at 7-9am and sleep at 10-11pm and of course being a lazy bastard all day long...wearing PJ's till noon and such :lol

thus i got into early rising pretty soon, even when it's dark i just automatically wake up around 6am, but before i worked on the wakeing up point, i still had lots of "oh-i don't wanna get up" "let me just sleep a bit" "gimme coffe" and backchats and manifestations of similar nature.

another interesting thing is that i can only control when i lay down into the bed...the actual moment of falling-hence the word-to sleep i cannot tell nor after i wake...yet from outside sources and calculations it takes about 15-30mins after laydown. earlier this depended also on temperature where in hot conditions i was not even able to fall asleep, while in cold places i recall immediate 5min falls.even when only just sitting :lol
even here when i'm brething aware, and stabilizing myself with eliminating thoughts it's still a variable when i get to the point of no return, so this rose an interesting question:WHY do i care about WHEN i fall asleep? because i cannot grab it with my mind. it's something uncomprehendable, the mystery of shutting off the mind.because on sleep i'm completely shut down wihtin and as the mind to let the body rest from the tyranny and abuse.

so is staying up all day-night possible? yes for prolonged time. of course here are always consequences, yet the amount and amplitude is depending on the amount of abuse done to the body.
without the mind-i don't know, i'm not there yet, humanity will find out if it's effective or not or if it worth it or not.
currently it is for a fact that my body requires 6hours of sleep /24hours. what if i skip one? what if only part of it is done? what if...??? nothing. these questions are like "what if i have an ice-cream?" then you'll have it. it's not about making a big deal of sleeping, skipping once in a while is OK like today, yet not advised to do for a prolonged time.

also i have to make sure i get to physically rest throught the day if sleeping got skipped, yet even today i slept 3.5hours approx and here awake writing doing stuff as normal but i'm not doing heavy-duty work at all, muscles must rest, materials in the body HAS to have time to get replaced and transported to the appropriate organs, also new cells has to be made(re-generation) food has to be processed all this takes time AT REST. if i would be up all night with continous STRESS that would significantly raise the amount of consequences-and this is why it is not advised to WORK YOUR ASS OFF instead of sleeping. not only it is counter productive but it also has unavoidable physical consequences.