Day 149: Motivation or Direction?

There are really tons of hipothesises and theories about human behaviour, part of it is fiddleing about why we humans do what we do, trying to explain behaviours and reactions based on happened examples.
In schools we even learn about this stuff, how "big thinkers" "developed" systems and descriptions to categorise and define the motive of someone doing something.

Motivation is the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal and elicits, controls, and sustains certain goal directed behaviors. For instance: An individual has not eaten, he or she feels hungry, and as a response he or she eats and diminishes feelings of hunger. There are many approaches to motivation: physiological, behavioural, cognitive, and social.
this is an interesting definition because it already states that no matter what we do it has a pre-cause and thus we just react, so the meaning of it is that we are only reacting robots-organic mind machines-and thus we have no direction over what we do, which we understand as we have no control over our lives.

What i see in all us such theories and ideas and systems, that they do describe and define human behaviour and reactional-systems but it can only do so because we as humanity accept and allow ourselves individually to always only react and give away our directive power to the systems of the mind within and as us from the ultimate point of fear and pre-programming.
I mean it is clear that we have physical NEEDs to maintain the body that have to be met, but it does not need to be a motivation to do it.
When I'm sesing that i am low on energy physically, and that i have nothing in my stomach to digest, I'm not eating based on that i'm motivated to eat. It is common sense to nurture the body as it nurtures me, if i would not eat and take care of my physical body then that would be self-dishonest by only taking and taking and taking away the resources of the body while not doing whats best for all and providing it what the body requires. Every human is given unconditional full support from their body to sort out itself, so the equal and one standing is that i give back the same amount of support to it. taking best care of it based on self-direction. I direct myself to take in digestable materials and supply the body with the required amount for it to survive AND thrive.

When i look at a level smaller or bigger than my body the same rule applies-the earth provides unconditionally for all-thus we must do the same, just as the bacteria and microbes get their type of materials in the body and provide it with what they don't need but the body does in an equal and one relationship...this is how the body can digest and do many things.
And altough here i write different words to describe different things such as me, mind, body, bacteria,microbes, reality is showing that we are all one and equal and thus we are not and were never seperate things.

Then after the "basic needs" are met regarding motivation, we thought out that based on our society lifestyle every human NEEDS other humans around. which is an interesting topic.
In my life I have been only being in contact with 5-20 people and spending many time alone. altough i was mostly distracting myself from what is here, but i never missed the company of others. and further looking into it, it's clear that i only wanted to be with people from selfish reasons of getting energy out of the relationship or playing powergames and such, so it is all based on my addiction to energy. and this shows that yes i am addicted to other humans. thus this need of company is actually a desire/want based on addiction. thus it is true that we motivate ourselves to be with humans, in order to feed our addictions. and all the higher states or levels of motivation are purely based on this one addiction to energy. the higher the vibration the more dense the energy we can get from it the less we want/desire of it. and thus the pyramid stands correct for the energy addicted human.

So when I forgive myself, release all such points and direct myself, the only part the remains is taking care of my body and everybody's physical body. of course this would change many things compared to what is now. and this is what Equal Money system is all about, creating the foundation of support that is indestructable and based on the principles of what is best for all and equality and oneness.