Day 150: Jumping in...writing

it is 5 months since i started to write these journey to life blogs dayly. i had days where i missed so it's actually more than that. and it definately supports me, yet here i had to realise that it is not enough for walking this process.

I've seen myself that i written and tended to write longer parts of expanding the points, than the working of the points, and those sometimes got missed. thus i have not fully done all what i could.
I don't blame myself for it-no point of doing that- nor ashamed of it or afraid of something...the past have already happened.

So here i stand as the correction that i am starting to write more for myself and then here work out the points i discovered. It's interesting that when i was taught to write, noone mentioned that this is basically reflecting myself to me, it's not about messageing "others", but for messageing to myself.
And this communication i usually did in my head thinking and dreaming and oppinionizing and believing and such. but those are just mere moments and distractions and then it's just gone.

The only occasion i written down text was when i wanted to tell someone about what goes inside me, or to explain the workings of the universe as i at the moment understood/thought it does. and when teachers asked me to write.
And reading back these texts i clearly see all my expressions and "current" points i've worked on and basically a clear representation of what i was and how i was at that particular moment. and it is frozen in time. and it's here for me to see, i can't supress it or ignore it because it's fact. and it supported me to realise what i have accepted and allowed myself to be and become, and let myself work on my ego.

So it has been prooved by me that writing for myself as a self-reflection is very supportive, thus
I commit myself to write to myself regularly from the starting point of equality and oneness of expressing myself here and reflect myself and the points i see here to myself in order to be able to work on and release the points i still hold onto.