Day 169: Directing "reasonless"

As i've grown up, i had to accept the concept of a child/teen or any student aged human is obliged to learn, and thus have only responsibilities towards school. and thus when in betwwen semesters or years, based on this concept the student "can" experience the lack of responsibility.
Thus in these periods the kids go and "have time to enjoy life" as grown-ups describe it. but it's actually openly encourageing students who are not directed by parents to take a part-time job or any other projects for breaks, to participate within and as the poalrity of work-relaxation, and that these two are dependent on each other.

So as i've done with my semester here, i am facing this point too. taking it to pieces, forgiving these patterns and directing myself to do what is best for all, and be useful and resourceful all the time.
so here i can focus more on my reshearch and self-investigation/learning about topics i did not take time to do.

also this is a good practice to accomodate to changes in routine, because change i always hated, in my own way i was conservative, wanting to keep what i built as it is, and only making myself hard time to accomodate while being able to accept the change just not change within at all...like nodding at your boss while thinking the exact opposite he is saying to you. Chameleon personality i can call it sure.
I'm still not stable in many fields and terms regarding how my systems work, altough this does not prevent me from getting/writing them out in bytes/paper and realising myself here.

so i push myself here to test out the extreme, which is not special at all, every limit is flexible as much as i am, because frankly i am my own limits.