Day 171: Copy...right? part 1 origins

(lol, this pic is not "mine", see where it came from)
AS i look at our history, within and as myself too, we developed a sense of ownership, i mean rather forced on to existance.

What does it mean to own something? It comes from the want/desire to keep everything that I had, because i don't want to let go of them or in other words "loose" them. Based on the defining of myself according to things/beings outside of myself in separation. so owning something is just not loosing the damn thing. and constantly doing that.

In the physical it's easy to examplify such theories but when we talk about non-physical things such as relationships or feelings/emotions or thoughts or RIGHTS, it is "harder" to define what it means to own/loose them.
Reality shows that in the physical world when i for example "loose" an object like a key, it remains existent so i can find them, the same object, the keys and "own" it again.
Yet when taking onto the things that are not physical, it gets interesting, can i find the same relationship/feeling/emotion/thought again? it seems both yes and no. because from nature when i "loose" these actually they "despawn" meaning no longer exist at all. and when "finding" them i just re-create the same thing over again, I copy it.it's not the same, because if i am not creating it it never exists any further, and thus at least the date of creation is different and the creator itself is different based on the accumulative consequences that is taken place since the last one's creation.
Thus I the creator change with every creation, and what i create changes because of my change.

Altough i can think the thought/word "ownership" twice or hundred times, not one of them will be identical to the previous ones. while it is still the word/thought "ownership".

Also we and I as humanity created a desire to "own" something that is RARE, so rare that mybe i'm the only one who is able to own it. because that FEELS that i am more powerful/superior to every other being/human, because i "have" something others don't. and this feeling gives me energy, positive that is defined by me. i say that because one can be programmed in such a way to feel bad when they're the only ones having something!
none of these are solution of what we have here

In reality NOONE even i CAN'T own anything. because it has no meaning in the physical, i either USE something or not. when i'm using something like the clothes on me, or this computer, i am in a kind of relation with it. but as soon as i'm not using them they are "free" for anyone to use! not because i say or allow it, but because I'm not using it. yes objects can be used by several beings at once, yet when objects are not in use by anyone they are JUST LIKE THE EARTH everyone's and noone's at the same time.

In a system that is BEST FOR ALL, no ownership actually exists. only "provisions" i mean that every being is PROVIDED with the tools/objects that is required to assist and support in surviving and thriving here.
Just like this dorm-room i'm in, i'm provided to use it till i am eligible for it. when i've done using it and move out other peeps can come and use it the same way. if here would be computers provided free for all to use (which there are in public areas), it is the same way. i mean when i don't use something then i don't need it AT THAT MOMENT, so why would i keep it as a pretty memory and hold onto the feeling of posessing it? in fact the thoughts/memory of owning it posesses me and drives me into such acts as defending it, and keeping others from using it. thus then I am not directing myself here but accept and allow these thoughts/feelings/emotions to direct and control me and thus i react based on them.

of course using something together in different times of the day/week/month ect. comes with risks such as infection, or degradation of the product faster, yet our current technology already handles that, frankly it would be quite a funny thing to have 1 WC for everyone in a household.
thus when we create long-lasting, easily cleanable and maintainable products, we don't have to have 7Billion of them! like if a car has space for 6 person we would only have to manufacture ~1Billion of it and THEN everyone is able to use them! of course while meeting the above requirements.

year cars produced
in the world
2011 59,929,016
2010 58,264,852

It's more than possible!
thus the only thing we have to care about is equal providing for every human being. and that is easyly possible with the current banking-technology, so Equal money is the way to everyone be able to use anything that is produced and required.

next part about copyrights and Self forgiveness and self-corrective statements...