Day 172: Copy...right? part 2 the problem

In the previous post here, i've been writing down the concepts and source/starting points behind ownerships, and owning something, that is based on fears.

Here i continue with the issue of copyrights.
(C.Kirk Fine Art 2010"no, it's mine")

As we all know yet try to not be aware of it, every material even our human physical bodies comes from the very substance of the earth, all those atoms and molecules we transform in specific ways and REactions (chemical that is) and thus create other elements of the table that we use in a different meaning/purpose. for example our body takes the materials from food(produced by plants, produced by earth+sun+water) and reforms them into our own cells, and in case of reproduction we turn it into a new human being.

these transformings have certain specific rules, and the most basic of it is that no waste is ever generated in the means that nothing "dissapears", because it's all based on equasions where the two sides of the equasion is ALWAYS matching, including the transformation to energy yet it is then filled with different types of energy (for example food is broken down into chemical energy ATP, electricity as electrons/hidrogen-protons and heat).
yet we do these processes over and over and over again in order to meet our requirements of those products.
thus we can state that we got a schematic for the required resource, and we make copies of those molecules, lots of them. from this point of view everything that is ever created is just a copy, without an original piece.
to take it into a bit large scale, when asexual beings reproduce they literally copy themselves into a new being from the materials.

in our case, mammals do the same just only always changeing the arrangement of the schematics yet every human is built from the same genome, this is why we call a homo sapiens a homo sapiens! or a cat a cat or a dog a dog. so when a child is born it is a literal copy of it's parents.

well copyrights are not about this topic, so let's take a look at human creations:
when we create something, we essentially do the same, take certain elements/materials and make them react or arrange them in a specific way, and we create something else. for example when i take a basket of apples, drawn on a paper, the apples are from the same material then if they would NOT being in a basket, mostly Carbon, the papers is mostly Carbon, and pencil graphite IS only carbon, so the particular arrangement of such same things a draving of the picture we see, is nothing different, nothing NEW, nothing unique, just a bunch of carbon as before! we can THINK it is special and different and we can feel good/bad about it we can REACT TO IT. and based on our reaction we judge it. and this procedure of reacting then judgeing then making it into a memory is called then ART.

and then because the drawer BELIEVES that he/she OWNS that pile of carbon he/she wants to not-loose it ergo keep it, and creates the idea that it's his/hers.
also based on our false sense of uniqueness and wanting to have unique and special things in our list of creations we want to protect it from being COPIED. we want to prevent other people to create the same pile of carbon in the same way we did.

and this is just one example of the stupidity of this game. firstly because it's impossible to not re-create something similar or the same among the 7billion people, secondly because as the previous post shows ownership does not exist HERE at all.

yet because we were raised up in such mentality and generation of specialness and ownership, and the monetary system of profit and we are living in a system where only the one who can produce enough money can survive, we justify our greed with the false idea of ownership.

and thus created plenty of laws about it, the interesting ones are copyrights.
the problem is with copy rights that denying/preventing everyone to produce the same outcome from the same materials are just not possible to achieve. try to force someone to digest/break down food differently than in your body:just insane.

also the most funniest thing is the copyright of ideas/inventions/mental creations-products, like a song or a way of doing something or a technology or a NAME(words)!
actually most of this copy-protection comes from the society of greed because one had to protect it's assets or in other words CHANCE of profit, in another means SURVIVAL, from others taking the same and taking away the finite amount of demand for that thing.
it has been all about money. to prevent others gaining money from something i made.

here are some cool questions to ask from yourself when trying to protect your creation:
1.: "Am i the only one who is able to use this?"
2.: "Am i the only one able to create this?"
3.: "Am i the only one who can arrange/craft/create this?"
4.: "What is my starting point of creating this?"

at least one but mostly 3 "no" answers you will find to these questions, and if that so, then it is impossible to prevent someone else to "infringe" your copyright. If all of the questions are answered with a "YES" AND the starting point is "this is what is best FOR ALL"(which is impossible because 1. and 4. are colliding) then can you self-honestly NOT share it with everyone freely?

and this is the problem, wanting to survive and wanting to survive ALONE. not caring about others leads to others not caring about you. and keeps a system like today's alive, whith all the endless amounts of laws and sues and cases ranging from small infrigements to serious prison sentences, all in the name of money.

a cool documentary to watch for free: "everything is a remix" HERE

I continue next time with the solutions