Day 174: worst case scenario

yep this is it, after all this crap i'm putting myself through i'm here asking this one simple question...from me.
"whats the worst possible outcome?"

i mean, we all ask this when facing ANYTHING, let it be buying food or a car or paying for insurance, or going to school, or anything considering us, and even beyond that limit, when we vote for election of "representatives" and watch the news and ... well all the time.

that's a bit too much, and when some peeps come with the "don't be so negative!" and "look at the bright side of life" crap, they are the ones who do it massively, yet supress it so much that they are not even conscious about it. i'm not pointing finger at others, i did the same thing too!

and as long as i'm at this question, let's bring another one into the canvas:
"what is the meaning of life?"

because based on the actions above described and listed it seems that the meaning of our lives are to look for the worst possible events in the future/present/past.

so HERE is no such thing as a worst outcome. yes i might die, as i will certainly sometime, but the most feared thing that is almost as high or higher than death is fear of change..."OMG I'M gonna change!" "The worlds gonna change!" "humans will be better!" oh nooooooooooooooooooooooo....
as the screaming goeas echoing around in my head...lol

as has been presented the lack of change through the eons of time shows that we can no longer postpone change...it's inevitable, i can fight it of course, i can fight myself of who i am as life as all as one and equal...yet firtly i cannot stop change and second that is just making everyone's process harder and prolonged-thus doing what's worst for all...and that's even with the fear a NO-GO!

i cannot accept and allow to fight and resist change of myself here...so i am not...and this is a decision and i direct myself through to live by this...