Day 164: Spac(e)ial effects

 just arrived back here at the dorm from the "holyday break" and while looking at myself and summing up what and how i stood/fall in this time-frame while i was "away".

I really was away per say, because i was more in the mind than here at the dorm...so i still have been accepting and allowing myself to be effected by the place i am staying. I've made a post on it earlier here, yet this time it was a bit different. i mean it was not the place specifically but the beings and enviroment itself as a whole that i used as a justification, and the different aviability of acess to my files/links ect. and thus i allowed myself to fall back to lay back from being here.

yet with the assistance and support of fellow destonians, i was able to stop the cycle of spiralling into the mind completely and bring myself back here and do my responsibilities as i was able to.
I will work on family relations in the following blogs and investigate and process and let go of such constructs/manifestations wihtin and as me.

keep breathin' ...