Day 176: Storytelling

wherever i look i see this, we all participate in it, we all know it, and we all accepted and allowed ourselves to NOT consider what it is and what we are causing with our participation within and as it.

in my childhood, i didn't have the "illusionary perfect" childlife, meaning i was alone in the family-altough my brother was too, from the perspective of storytelling, i mean the evening stories and fairytales before sleep. when we were at our grandparent's THERE we actually heard some stories because my grandma was a history-literature teacher, thus her way of living were with and as literatures of all kind, while at home not so much, with a working enterpretour father and a pharmacist mother. and even there we only heard like 5 poets/stories, yet i was supplied with books of this kind where i could read about those stories what today are shown with booktures(books that are mostly pictures lol) and films. thus i was more "dependent" on my imagination of how the things in the stories looked like and what was behind what. and altough the grandmother-visiting were fairly often like almost every weekends, it were a minority compared to my actual living at home.

what i also realised is that when the child starts to learn speaking, parents start developing a habit of talking with the child in the form of questionaires. "what was your day today?" "how was school?" "what happened with you?" "have you got anything interesting?" essentially when being a bit grown up dumbing this down to "how's your day?" and "how are you?" yet these are essentially the same thing. and thus I as a child had answered all those questions with long stories because i was really keen on details to be able to express what is actually happened as close to reality as possible. and this dayly! practice made me a good storyteller and that i'm able to describe something in different ways and effectively get to a point where anyone can understand what i'm saying.
yet on the other hand this continuos questioning is also a lead cause of how and why kids develop the art of LIEING. because when they feel they can't share something openly due to fear of punishment/reactions, we as kids make up a different story, bent it here and there a lil' "one of my classmates has got into a fight with another and blah blah blah..."(while i was that person who did it)

so based on that i have not got that much amount of stories at home in my childhood I turned to other forms of consuming them, to be precise computer games and movies and music. and i vividly recall that this was also i wanted and started to learn eenglish in the first place, because the hungarian collection of games and movies and such are sooo much lagging behind what i produced in the world like in america (today approximately already been produced 47000films from 1922!) and i wanted to understand the stories behind games and films and i used this "motivation" to propel myself forward and learnt english in 4 years and done my certificate in the 5th year of learning english.
altough the consequence of it is that i have created this huge addiction to the above 3 topics.

and we all have a certain level of skill of storytelling and also have an apparent desire to hear stories of others...as for the how's and where this comes from, i write tomorrow.