Day 177: the best-sellers are the beast-tellers

yesterday i have wirtten about the point of telling stories and that our childhood stories do effect our life because those are the ones we shape our understanding of the world around us...

so the questions of why and how this is working and where it comes from is asked...

to look at the history of storytelling, let's look back in time, oh not just to my childhood time, go further, like in the early societies.
speaking is an essential form of communication throught all of human history. which is giving and recieving information and knowledge from other beings. so we not only store OUR experienced memories yet also store all the stories and information&knowledge of others through us experiencing they sharing with us.
even "scientist" dare to state based on their studies that
"what the mind experiences as someone else doing something and you just experience seeing/hearing that other human, it produces/shows THE EXACT SAME reactions/effects in our mind, thus you are experiencing the thing like you are doing it. therfore the brain cannot tell the difference of seeing someone run and actually running."
as i investigated myself i realised that these are not just for seen/heard things but also stories. because the way we store memories and what they consist of and exist as within and as myself as captured moments of energy, when i remember something i actually first remember the experience that someone has told me like i have experienced it THEN (altough it is a short moment but still it comes AFTER) i remember the other being saying it TO me, thus making up the whole picture that "Xtold me Y" and more interestingly this is also true for thing is paid attention to when told and those that i only heard as background talking, someone else talking to a third person and i was just a bystander of the conversation.
most of the time because we are not telling THE WHOLE experience in speech the mind fill in the gaps so i do not remember the same way as the other person would.

so when i hear a story, i experience it as i am doing it, thus allowing me to actually do things i would not be able to in the physical world. and THIS is where entertaiment originates from. i mean i as a human is an energy addict of the mind. we are pre-programmed to be such a thing. and I use memories to generate feelings/emotions/thoughts/backchat/ect. to generate this energy taking it from the physical body literally eating it up.

and the signs of addiction is wanting to consume more and more from the point/substance of the addiction, because i get desensitised the more i consume, thus leading to an inevitable spiral of rising amounts of consumption to the point of death of the physical if remains undirected.

so this is the motivation/desire/want to consume stories, because i can hear/see more stories than i can experience through living my life. so the more fulfilling the story is the more i want it and statistically the more people consume it, because we share our experience of such "drug" consumtion and pass on because information and knowledge is avilable in ENDLESS quantities.
and because when we were kids we "loved" those bedtime stories we heard from our parents we want the same "good feelings/emotions/thoughts/backchat" for our kids too thus telling the SAME story over and over again, and alongside this we even trick ourselves by thinking that this EDUCATES them to be better than what we could be...in fact it is clear that this causes quite the opposite of educating.

so next time you hear a story, maybe consider your starting point of listening and see the beast within.