Day 179: the Digital curse

Programs, they control our way of interaction, our commands are carried out by them, they often makes us happy or sad, blissed or angry, or just do the work what we don't want to.
I mean partially here about computer programs...and a little about our mind-programs as well of course.

what's the problem with programs? what i asked myself...why the f* i get angry at them? who am i really angry at? and where do i create this anger from?

to be able to answer myself about these i must define what a program means...
"a pre-set(written/recorded) data(information/entity) that has an input and an output and does a certain specific process between the two, and it produces the SAME output for the same input if the configuration(the pre-set data) does not change.

and because this is a wide definition this can be applied to computer programs(data=1's and 0's on drives), mental programs(data=neurons specifically arranged), mechanical machines (data=axis of movement/materials), biological programs(data=DNA=chemical structures), material programs (data=properties of atoms/particles)
so it covers pretty much everything here.
hence the realisation: everything is a program in the physical reality.

so what is the problem? what makes programs connect to emotions/feelings/thoughts? where does this come from?
i create them by participating wihtin and as my mind as me, and connect them with emotions/feelings/thoughts ect. and i am the problem AS LONG AS I AM ONLY BEING A PROGRAM.
I mean, the mind is a program, if i am existing only within and as it and only do what is pre-programmed into me, then i am nothing more than that. having inputs producting reactions called outputs. even belief and religion and thinking is a program only.

Yet if these are only programs, then where am I? apparently I as everyone else who i would ask this say that "I am not just a program, i am MORE than that!" well that is just thie first fase of death as a program:DENIAL

yes HERE exists LIFE which is not a program, rather an expression of itself.see? no-input>no-process>output, and this apparent "nature" of life what I as humanity wonder and cannot define, because of the ridiculoseness of "from nothing only nothig can be made! without input there cannot be an output! nothing comes existent from thin air!" xlol
I only wanted to see life as the same program schematic because it is all who i was and i could only comprehend what i was able to "fit" into the same systematic DESIGN.
to give an example, attention and focus IS a program, it has a trigger a process of starting/listening and an outcome of raised information gathering/recording ability.
awareness on the other hand does not have an input, i am either aware or not, i cannot trigger awareness, i can only direct myself within and AS awareness itself becoming awareness and by becoming and being awareness itself i am aware. it's only output! even the only process is giving up the need for the input and the need for a process and becoming awareness by doing so.

therfore in this particular point - getting angry/emotional cause of programs - giving up the input is:
identifying the trigger points(the inputs) and letting go of them by self-forgiveness and self-committments,
then giving up the process is: identifying the reaction and chain reactions(the processes) i create from the inputs and letting go of them by again self-forgiving and self-committing myself AND actually walking moment by moment those corrections of the first and second one, and then all that remains is self expression(output) that I am living AS one and equal to that point, in this case the programs.

and because my mental programs, many of my inputs and processes are not PHYSICAL, therefore by me letting go of them aka. not participating wihtin and as them i STOP creating them over and over again so they are cease to exist in the first place!

while regarding the physical programs, such as how the body works and physics and such, because i have seperated myself fro the unity of the universe and accepted and allowed myself to limit myself to a fraction of a fractionof a... of it  these can only be "changed" or reprogrammed by all beings COOPERATEVLY doing it, for example when all humans stop all abusive behaviour, then ABUSE will no longer exist therefore "the human nature" gets reprogrammed based on what is best for all.

and across these years of being here analyzing and categorizing the world and us humans animals ect. altough i only acted out as a scout robot i can see in my huge database that this is what is actually here, this is everywhere, it defines all the things we do. so i am here to show as an example that it is not only achievable but this is what is best for all to do!
so next time i write out and "work" on the point of me accepting and allowing and creating of reactions and conflict and many other things regarding PROGRAMS.