Day 182: Starting from...?

Today I totally reworked my computer system, and the previous days have been spent with the preparations to it...yet it takes me a whole week! although taking my time, and making sure everything will be in place and how i need it is worth the preparation, anyway it's way more effective to prepare myself for success than create a bunch of points where i can fail that cause drawbacks.

What i realised here is funny, that while I've completely wiped out my first Winchester (been running since 4.3years now, the other is only 2.3y old) it is literally like starting a blank new page with and as my computer, setting up a fresh start, preparing myself for success.
just like when someone creates/brings a "new" human here into this world, first it's sort of a blank page while actually it is not, i mean to stay at the computer analogy - I'm using an OS written in 2010or so, and also installing programs (tomorrow i get to the end of that) that I've been using all along, so the information and knowledge is INHERITED from the previous "take", yet it's faster more reliable and I'm more aware in my task of making sure it stays this way.
just like the child here, he or she inherits it's GENE(information and knowledge) from the parents and through the development phase it "decides" what part of it will be set-up and what parts remain in the archives for later accessibility.

So it's not about my programs (in my mind) nor about what i use from them or how i use them, but it's all about me Directing myself and what starting point I'm using the tools i have.

yet to change my original starting point i have to reach to the same blank state as with the computer, i cannot just pile the "changed" stuff onto the old foundation! i have to take it back "uninstall" one by one, make sure i succeed and do it all the way through.

even when i experience errors during the change (like here i forgot to set up my browser sync appropriately) i still am able to change myself and create myself anew birth myself here within and as breath of life, and this is the journey to life, come along, and see what you have never seen understood and realised about yourself and the world as yourself!