Day 183: HSS

it stands for "Hurt?! Separation Syndrome?!" for the Homo Sapiens Sapiens :lol

through my life i have never really noticed that why and how does my "have been friends" mysteriously disappear from my life and enviroment...i have not thought about it just went into the "good old" memories and enjoyed the nice feelings and emotions of the moments i have been experiencing with those people, so the energetic drug AGAIN pulled the veil onto my eyes.

Here it is clear that all ending of friendships start with ONE point of separation then that point grows as i continue participating in it, or LET IT grow in the other(as me) and after a predictable amount of time the relationship (acquaintance, buddy,friend,BF,relative ect.) "fades" into the nothingness where contact is ALMOST never established, meaning stopping of communication with each other.

 so actually i am the one who is not feeding the point with energy by talking/chatting/laughing/having time with my "friends" thus the relationship dryes off from it's initial pool of energy and interetstingly enough, when it completely emty it "just" dissapears, i mean only the memory of it once been remains, which when forgived and let go, it just stops existing.

altough why would i "need" a relationship which i cannot participate within and as from the starting point of equality and oneness?
it's common sense that i don't need/require to bullshit around with people i have no point in doing so.
because when i only maintain a relationship from the starting point of being selfish(wanting to have friends, be acceppted, gain energy) that is not just abusing my own self and body but also the other too.