Day 188: transitioning a start

Because life is cyclic, It's common sense that i have again reached a point of "turnover" wherei kind of start my learning and continuing the walking and developement of myself here.

this is because i have went into a sort of "break" time, where altough i have not changed my walking physically, i allowed myself to stop the dayly task i've been doing...

yet this breaking is just a sign of me not allowing myself to be continuos and stable indefinately.
how long and how many loops have i get to go thorugh untill i get to everlasting standing? i'm not guessing it, because it doesn't matter.

all that matters is that i finally got myself together here to start my daily writings again, and arrange my schedules to be effective and active, and make sure that i DO complete my responsibilities.

when i fell into this loop of staticness, i allowed myself to believe that i'm overwhelmed, so more will be written about this later, also seen the point of not feeling myself to be ready to restart untill certain conditions met...again BIG LIE to myself which also needs investigation. and some relevant ppints with motivation too. so here i have plenty of points to write out...let's start!