Day 192:Cycles of Doom - part 2 - investigation

so let me look into this point of what do i do to not start.
seems obvious, i do something ELSE.

still it's not about that, before the moment i WOULD start doing something i planned or took into my schedule, i take a look at the time it COULD take and judge if i can complete the task/or the part of the task assigned/ within the given time-frame i see ahead of myself before i have an another appointment.

this is reasonably appliable within most of the day till i run out of "other appointments" such as classes at around 5-6pm. and from that time the only appointment i have is to go to sleep for at least 5-6hours before next day 6am. this is a wide range of time where i did not place any sort of ordering to my "remaining" tasks for the day...so the difficulty also comes about WHAT to do.

here is an apparent WANTING to not MISS any of the planned dayly assigments of myself thus wanting to do what i planned for the day.
i eventually end up thinking about what to do and in what ordering and then just brutally fail to follow such thought out way of accomplishing.

so to summarize here the points: planning, wanting, missing, thinking
working on these on the following posts of the series.