Day 200: A mile of stones

Here, now, as i started to have my time for writing my blog, this point came up.
i know this is the 200th blog i write, altough NOT the 200th day since i first started this journey to life.

and in the moment of preparing myself to write (close all applications, open the browser...) i experienced this resistance and backchat of "oh i don't wanna write now!" "let me just sleep!" "please i want to NOT be here in front of computer and write the 200th blog!" "just play a bit instead" "let's do something other than that!" and alike that would have came if i would allowed them to...i mean here would been an endless amounts of justifications and thoughts and stuff JUST to stop me from writing this exact post...funny, how i as the mind try to stop the inevitable.

so let me write about milestones!
it is interesting that in my own language we say the same thing straightly translated, or say "turning point" which is too long to be used frequently.
apparently i developed a fear of milestones, i mean the mental ones, not the real mile stones that are marking the miles from a city to another to be able to know how far are you from the central point, no.

what is a milestone?
"a milestone is an event that receives special attention. It is often falsely put at the end of a stage to mark the completion of a work package or phase."
"a milestone may also signify an important decision or the derivation of a critical piece of information, which outlines or affects the future of a project. In this sense, a milestone not only signifies distance traveled (key stages in a project) but also indicates direction of travel since key decisions made at milestones may alter the route through the project plan."
even more interesting.

so if this is "strictly" for project management (which is not a really old concept/term) then how come i engraved and intertwined myself within and as this point?
oh when i look at the TABE the is on the first link(which is a redirection lol) it is a table do describe the developement "stages" of a human child from birth to 6 year old.

i mean i understand i can look at childRAISING as a project that requires quite a lot of managing yet it is really awkaward to see THIS MUCH correlation and connection between these two points.

of course the answer to how? and why? is simple as always.
why do we DEFINE human development with categories and milestones that divide it to time-frames?
the mind works and functions in systems, variables, numbers, tables, and charts, and of course images. to be able to understand a continuous process, it has to put stages and separators in it, to be able to reference and separate the "different" parts and store it as a system.
our computer works the same! to be able to "record" any data to a computer, like this text for instance, the computer has to translate these inputs(the keys pressed) to bits(binary system 1-s and 0-s) then mark these on a storage device (first the RAM works in voltage difference, then a hard drive that is magnetically stored as - and neutral) and mark that place giving it a title a name a tag a filetype and all that sort of stuff. it is a sorting/storing system, that in effect creates a physical representation of the information recorded.
so in order for me within and AS the mind to understand/store a process and all the information&knowledge about it, i categorize and order and store it.

how and why do we apply a systematised table to present the process of development? to be able to understand and store the information quickly and effectively.
the only problem is, HERE is no milestones or separators between stages, i mean every process of life, like breathing and being's existance is CYCLIC, not A to B to C...it's always everywhere continuous! and mostly endless.

so i slice LIFE into small parts we call stages and at the end(or beginning, depending where you observe) i place "an event that receives special attention". thus marking the end(or beginning) of a stage. therefore based on these milestones i can "navigate" in the information field because i essentially created a line/strip of information and placed markers on it, so when i go to find something on it i just fast-shearch the relevant markers and i don't have to go trough all the information. this is also called archiving, or compressing, or packing. of course this is done in a fractal like pattern to be able to store as much information as possible within and as the mind.

my first milestone was...my first birthday. this was the time i was introduced to this style of handling the physical world. of course there's one even before that, you birth-time but that is only once a special thing when it happened-but it will never happen again. kind of the reason to celebrate the anniversaries of it-to make up for that ONE missed moment in your life lol.

where are these milestones in my life? pretty much everywhere, even before schools as you can see in that above table the developement of the child is marked based on what types of expression or task he/she is able to succeed in. and i refer to them as "i learned to walk" "i learned to talk" which is a reference of the time frame from the beginning/starting to the end/finish(which is in the case of development is stupid because every skill one acquires is refined and corrected over and over until death) thus i can reference the damn things!
that means i can KEEP a part of MY PAST with me as a tight package, compressed information, so that i can give it to other minds and most importantly i can DEFINE MYSELF BASED ON IT.

so thats a self-definition based on the past, and actually the largest one i've ever seen/realized.
HERE it is clear because the physical world/reality is cyclic and endless that NO SUCH THING EXIST as a milestone. it is only an illusionary marker made up entirely by me within and as the mind, and it is way not a representation of physical reality.
altough another question arise here...can i mark JUST the beginning of processes? and my answer to that is definately yes. i can "mark" or define the exact moments of starting ANY process wether it's physical or mind/system one. here is always a definitive start-point-->STARTING POINT of anything. yet here is no end to any points. i mean points CAN stop existing, but that is only an end in the time dimension, while HERE when something "stops to exist" then it is the same as "never even existed" thus making nothing to it's end.

of course points can be re-created, and given a NEW STARTING POINT, and this is what i am doing in this blog series too! giving a new starting point to myself and all the things i have accepted and allowed myself to be and become existent.
thus fear of milestones is just fear of nothing really. and fearing what is not existent is just an illusion created to be able to utilize fear as a source of mind-controlled abuse of self to MINE energy from the body.
i will write down forgivenesses and commitments on these points "in time"