Day 214: CLONING

I realized this "ability" on myself, on how i as my mind ADAPT to any given situation while keeping myself in a bubble and creating multiple of them at the same time.

This is what i call cloning myself, well not really myself, but the ones i'm in direct contact with at that moment.
for example today as i went out to our community kitchen, i found there an exchange-student, and started some talking, when i came back i realized that after 2 sentences of his i copied his stance/emotions, smile, and starting to the conversation, and was also that smiley guy talking about nothing.

later i reviewed my past a bit where i participated in an MMO game and on a sound communication program at the same time. and i see that i did this cloning personalities there many many times.
well if it was new to me, if i already had the personality that matched to theirs i just took it up.
thus this ensures that when a group of people come together they can mess up time and themselves even more effectively than alone, hence the reason noone parties alone :D

and although this is a major realization on myself it needs a more intricate and detailed analysis which i am on doing still.