Day 216: Booting up...

The past is past, and ther is nothing to write about it, it happened and i bear the consequences of it no matter how much i would like to miss them.

these consequences are mostly about having problems starting over fresh, and being over encumbered with work to do. i did not even understood how much work i made for myself by not doing it dayly.

Yet i look forward and bring myself back HERE wherever i have been in my mind, and step by step work myself through the constructs of my mind matrixes and all the bullshit i have been putting onto myself, gettin rid of it, by forgiving it and releasing it and commiting myself to live and exist as a better human being in this world.

there have been a ton of point that i am going to work on in the next few days, and i'm keeping myself here, breathing, one by one i write them out.