Day 217: P(icture) o(f) r(idiculus) n(onsense)

yeah you read it right, this is about the images and moving pictures about reproduction.

so let me start at the beginning where i started to employ my mind with these kinds of activities that also stimulative although here i found out that it's only making my situation worse.

as i was in my teenage years as i have already written about, i started to want some different kind of entertainment for myself, and i found out by seemingly an accident how to make myself enjoy.

yet my relation with such images are came to me far later when i had PRIVATE access to the internet.

the first time, i mean i always knew that such sites are existing on the web, but i didn't know any specific addresses, so i didn't get to them. although as with everything i picked this one up at school as everything else. i overheard conversations, and seen some browsing while in informatics class. thus when i got home, i also wanted to see it for myself, and how it "works"

...other part lost in the cloud of me...