Day 227: Just Rollin'

This couple of days shown me an interesting thing.

I was avare that changes will be made in my enviroment, thus is prepared myself to not react to any changes and accomodate to them as necessary without "giving up" on myself of doing whats best for all.

on the weekend, i knew i will work a bit, yet what i planned had not been done thus i went on a worked more thus created a situation where we could finish a work that was expected to be done way later. and it was because i didnt just sit my ass around all day long but got up and did my part.
and while working i could practise the point of enjoying the work and not just forgetting to breathe and moving and working as a mindless souless droid in a factory-also did forgiveness in the moment.

when i got back here, i got faced with another point, i knew i will have to move temporarily to another room down the corridor, yet i planned to do it monday morning, while i got infomred i had to do it sunday night when i got here at 9pm, and also planned on bringing less stuff, excluding my computer of course, yet i again stepped up and arranged my stuff packed up and moved within just 1 hour!

Today, first day of the semester also faced couple of points where i had no idea what i will have to do in the next minute, yet i went along, asked around, found out what i have to do and just rolled with it, while of course applying what i already know and live as.
it seems like-from the outside-that i am just dragged around by events happening with me, yet of course int these cases the total opposite is true, without me deciding to "okay i'm gonna do this now" these events of opportunity would have been just passing me by, and i would just sit all day around in front of my computer or in my bed daydreaming and such.

so here i got reinforced that no such thing as "happening" exists because everything is either created by me or is a consequence of someone else's creation (and here creation also means physical and mental actions)
going with the flow of others decisions and consequences-is a decision of not deciding, which is of course self-abuse allowed on myself, thus i cannot allow such a thing. of course here are plenty of occasions where i am offered two CHOICEs to choose from yet the self honest truth shows none of them are supporting, or best for all, thus on many occasions i have to create another choice and decide to do that third or fourth option in order to keep myself walking the path of life. and it is the same with thoughts upon coming to a decision, the mind REALLY likes to give me tons and tons of thoughts about choices and pro's and con's of them and even i developed a system of trying to precieve what the consequences will be of that decision pick, yet when i go into this construct, i close my eyes to reality and stop seeing what is really here and visible in the light of common sense.
thus stopping such constructs are a goal to walk towards on this process too.