Day 240: Reasonable debate

I am fighting myself on a daily basis...over plenty things with my thoughts feelings, and expressing or mostly, suppressing them. and being entangled in this many things that i perceive happening outside of my action-reaction chain, is also modifying my experience of living...and i make more thoughts and feelings about these too and frustrate the heck out of myself till the end of the "day" to only fall asleep crying amute without tears, just inside me, about how humanity could come to this point of depth of being so ignorant of itself. and then shut off till morning where it all starts again.


Day 239: Responsibility of others?

Today's lesson is to slow down...well that's almost every day's lesson, so in a more detailed picture, to slow down with assisting other people or trying to take their responsibility for myself.
this is kind of linked to the concept of ownership, meaning that i acquire and own certain rights and responsibilities, like i ingrained it in the law/system.


Day 238: Irrelevance of Significance of Decicive Time

ever since i began investigating myself and the world and beings around me, the concept of time and importance got smudged by the reality of diversity and complexity everywhere i looked.

I mean obviously i understood time as we humans measure it, as something that is a rigid solid one-way scale that organize and determine our lives...or so i thought. As every other kid growing up in such a society, i also cloned - adapted this concept from others, to bind my life, and bodily cycles to the daylight, then to the clock, the man-made machine measuring the passage of time...