Day 247:Depression of a lifetime: where it all began

It started in my childhood years...when i was in kindergarten still...i had to go to the "school", or rather i was taken there by force by my parents...it was a place where lots of similarly aged kids were under survailance of adults...and that was the first time i was given a seperate-from-me identity, i can't remember the sign but i was given a sign and a place to store my stuff (cabinet) and I was forced on a time schedule, i had to do what they asked me to, and had to not do certain things when they ordered it to. i really didn't like it, because before i was only getting help in the means of physical support at home, being taught how to do things, with my body, how to wear clothes, or eat, but not much, mostly i was left alone or with my brother to do whatever whenever i wanted.