Here are all the words and phrases that i have re-defined within and as the principles of what is best for all. (in progress - also the corresponding links to the post to give context).

General acronyms:
'HPB' = Human physical body
'SH' = Self Honesty
'SF' = Self-Forgiveness
'SR' = Self Realization
'DIP' = desteni i process --see sidelinks
'EMS' = equal money system -- see sidelinks

Word re-definings:

The act/action/expression of understanding and realising what is here and the starting point of one's actions and consequences, and stopping oneself from hiding and running away from seeing understanding and realising reality by being the directive principle to face reality or a being as itself in it's totality.

An act or action of placing one's awareness on a specific point while excluding all other points of reality and only existing as the point of attention/focus.
(when used as a singular-word sentence it means the being calling attention is asking this from others to place themselves as the being and what it expresses.) 

an action or state where one is being here within and as the physical, while within this considering all "objects of awareness" as itself within and as common sense, and not giving attention to specific parts thus not participating within and as superiority/inferiority polarity construct.

An act or action of  charging up energy, which can be done with either physical touch or with participation in the mind,or various other ways, in order to release the charged energy in the form of an orgasm.

The moment of/and realisation that the being, one is encountering, is in fact itself in all ways and allowing itself the opportunity to stop the separation between the two parts of self.

An expression of the state of being unaware to certain degree(0%-99%) of a point or information, and asking/requesting another being to assist and support in the process of becoming aware of oneself within and as the point/information.

The expression/manifestation/self-direction of a being.

- to be/become directed by another being based on missing the opportunity window to stand for/as self and thus accepting and allowing onself to give away the directive power of oneself thus enslaving onself within and as self dishonesty

- the act/action of fall which is representing/expressing a state in time/space 

An act/action of stopping/terminating an expression of a being Here, returning it into and as substance and resetting a cycle of life&death.